VLCHFHP Carnivore Diet vs. Psoriasis 6 month Update

How has my carnivorous VLCHFHP diet evolved and affected my psoriasis over 6 months? Watch to find out.


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31 thoughts on “VLCHFHP Carnivore Diet vs. Psoriasis 6 month Update

  1. A woman I knew was 100% Native American. So unlike myself, with centuries of European ancestors who ate grains, dairy, etc. She was only about 2 generations removed from a Hunter & Gatherer Diet. She told me that she once spent a year on a Vegetarian Diet to impress someone she was dating at the time. She said she became so sick that her hair was practically coming out in handfuls and she felt like she was going to die. She finally gave up on the diet and went back to eating meat and eggs and within a week or so, all her symptoms vanished and her health returned. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating seasonal fruits and vegetables in moderation, but grains and for some people like myself, dairy, we are just not designed to eat. Even as a kid, I always instinctively wanted to fill up on just meat, but my parents always insisted on following the "Food Pyramid" with plenty of vegetables and starches on my plate. I used to get terrible indigestion and acid reflux even when I was very young, but at the time I didn't understand the connection. These days I eat almost nothing but meat and my digestion and health have never been better.

  2. I am happy to see that your psoriasis has improved. My husband follows a paleo diet and his psoriasis initially cleared up but has returned with a vengeance.
    Like I said to Tracy, you definitely LOOK BETTER than you did on a macrobiotic diet! You are benefiting from a higher fat content. A lot of vegans make the mistake of demonizing fat.
    Because you came from a macrobiotic vegan diet I just wonder if the high concentration of grains was detrimental to your health. Or do you believe the vegetables were still to blame?
    Shawn Baker's blood test were far from impressive. You say that your cholesterol was getting high on a vegan diet, has it come down on a carnivore diet? Shawn Baker has made some ridiculous claims to excuse his high cholesterol levels. Tracy wrote a comment saying that blood test shouldn't be taken as an exclusive measure of health. Yet you obviously took your blood test seriously as a vegan otherwise you wouldn't have changed your diet. Could you enlighten me on this perhaps?

  3. Sir, I have been suffering from Psoriasis my entire life. I am 42 now……I just started being open to raw meat, so far just a little bit each week but after your post i know I ma on the right path. So much thanks to you….

  4. The serious music makes the video kind of funny. My psoriasis has healed after years of pain with NOTHING help even prescription creams. Meat heals my T2D, mental health, weight loss and now I am too handsome. I should eat carbs more as I look too good for normal people, I'm talking model attractive! It's bad, when I say bad I mean good.

  5. You give me hope ! I too have psoriasis since 40 years and just started my carnivore diet a few days ago. I too had my psoriasis get worse on a wfpb vegan diet for over 3 years. Also I developed arthritis in my hands during that time . After that I went over to the ketogenic diet but still no improvement there. The only time the psoriasis was gone was after a 3 week waterfast. But a few weeks after that it came back. I'm all about eliminating toxins, even with skin-care I leave out anything unnatural. Going carnivore is my last hope of healing. Thank you for sharing your experience !

  6. Only humans and domesticated animals suffer from chronic diseases. Wild animals only develop chronic disease as a result of human activity. All plants manufacture defensive poisons against predation. Eat a carnivorous diet. Animal Fat is an essential nutrient. Animal Protein is an essential nutrient. Carbohydrates are not essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are absolutely unnecessary in the Human Diet. All carbohydrates stimulate beta cells to produce Insulin. Stop eating carbohydrates including Dairy. I only consume grass fed Spring & Summer butter and extra heavy cream. No milk. High fat cheeses are okay too. No carbs only animal fats and proteins. Your body will heal itself.
    Paleo humans did not eat plants. My post doctoral research is evolutionary human nutrition.

  7. This is really interesting, I’ve been vegan for many year, I feel my strength has gone and don’t have much vitality, what would you say the cause of male impotence is as vegan doctors say it’s the meat dairy and eggs

  8. I will try this. As I did do plant based for 6 months and nothing happened. I will try just meats and veggies for a while and start eliminating more to see my psoarisis going down.

  9. This is sooo interesting! I have watched a vegan guy cure psoriasis that he had all over his body. But he didn't eat nightshades and I think grains too? Basically mostly fruits and veggies I think. He really cleared up but I think he will be in trouble down the line bcs that diet is not going to nourish him in the long run.

  10. I'm with you on legumes and vegetable as they are bad for us, I have learned that the hard way like you. What's your thoughts on fruits? Some fruit we find them to be tasty and want to eat them, specifically tropical fruits like pineapple and melons.

  11. Glad you found your way. May I ask how your brain feels on it? This is what I am concerned about as I already have too many bouts of low blood sugar. I'm nervous about cutting carbs too low even though they may actually be the problem. Thanks.

  12. How’s the psoriasis now? Any additional improvements or regression? I’m there myself with great results on approximately a 90% meat to 10% plant diet. Feel great, feel more human than ever, psoriasis is gone.

  13. I’m so happy for you! I’m only three weeks into carnivore (just meat, bone broth, and salt) and my hands have completely cleared from eczema. Just one tiny patch left. I have no doubt it will clear up with more time. Being vegan made my skin much worse. AIP saved my life but didn’t fully heal me. I really do feel free now 🙂

  14. At the early age of Twenty, my hubby is already encountering scalp problem. Fortunately, this natural and organic psoriasis therapy named “fetching wonwon site” (Google it) was brought to us. I suggest it very highly. After using this treatment method, I have noticed good advancements on my dilemma. ..

  15. I am so happy for you. To finally get relief after all these years is miraculous.

    Keto helped me so much with my metabolic problems. I won't say that I'm 'cured' because I can't eat carbs and have my insulin remain low, but with low carbs, I am not considered pre-diabetic and my PCOS has been completely reversed.

    But it didn't bring me all the way home. It didn't touch my autoimmune diseases. Eliminating plants has been a revelation. Even on keto I was eating huge, low-carb salads and at least three servings of cooked veggies a day. Some nuts. A little berries.

    Frankly, I've been flabbergasted by the improvement in my health just by eliminating plants. I was so close to done. I really didn't have much time left. Going carnivore was a total 'hail mary' for me.

    And it's working!

    I just had raw eggs for dinner. Me. RAW. EGGS.

    And I'm not bloated. I'm not nauseated. I'm not burping up acid or running to the toilet. I feel fine.

  16. I started out by eliminating gluten. My plantar fasciitis got dramatically better and eventually went away when I did. I also noticed my psoriasis on my feet that I’ve had for 30 years also began to clear. I’m now 27 days on a ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting and my psoriasis is clearing even more. I’m not sure if I will stay on keto long term as I’m still experimenting but I think I’m going to remain grain free. Keto is a gut healing diet by nature similar to the GAPS diet since right now I pretty much eat meat, vegetables and lots of healthy fats. Many say that “leaky gut” is the root of autoimmune diseases and many times wheat and other gluten containing grains are the cause. Some also say lectins found in some plant foods are also implicated. Kris Kresser is a good resource to learn about this. I also recommend listening to Dr William Davis (Wheat Belly author). He talks about people healing from all kinds of diseases by giving up grains. I started keto and intermittent fasting because of all the science backed benefits but especially to help improve my memory and overall brain function. I’m still adapting to keto so I haven’t noticed a huge difference there yet but hopefully in time as fasting and keto promote neurogenesis.

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