The Carnivore Diet (Zero Carb Diet) – Final thoughts and take aways from it

I did the carnivore diet inspired by Dr.Shawn Bakers interview on the Joe Rogan podcast for 10 days and here are my final thoughts. You can also call this the zero carb diet and also @myketonorms ran a #zc4xmas challenge on instagram that coincided with this. Anyway here are my thoughts, as best I could put them out, if I missed anything I’ll be happy to do a follow up QnA session.

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24 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet (Zero Carb Diet) – Final thoughts and take aways from it

  1. Stop eating any plant materials. Humans evolved eating Animals. Humans did not evolve eating any fruits and vegetables. Only Animal Fat and Animal protein. Carbohydrates are absolutely unnecessary in the Human Diet.

  2. When I started carnivore, I also stopped consuming caffeine in the forms of coffee, tea or chocolate (plants)… it was explained to me that it would take about a month for the inflammation to leave my body and for my adrenals to chill out from being fatigued. I don't know if this is why they mention 30 days or because it seems to ramp up over time. The benefits seem to "snowball". I had more clarity the first week, after the detox headache on the first day. Week two brought less bloating and I started to feel better. Toward the end of week three, weight started falling off noticeably and the benefits are more noticeable the more time that passes. It may not be for every body but this works great for me.

  3. It has to do with how our body breaks down the food during the digestive process. Some people adapt quicker but most will have by the time 30 days is up. The heart of the matter is loose stools and it might take 30 days for the body to adjust to the lack of a binding agent.

  4. Me and my husband have been doing keto for a while me about 5 months him longer. We will be doing the carnivore diet. We want it for the weight loss but just to see if we die lol. We wanna see what will happen how we will feel. We will be doing for thirty 30 days. Im trying to keep in budget also. We think buying half a cow for the month will be cheaper lol. A bit extreme but i think it might.

  5. Try to eat food which lived under healthy/natural conditions and which tastes good.

    A cucumber which grew at the side of a car road, is not healthy. An apple which has an ugly spot on it, is not healthy.

    Foods which are toxic if you eat it too much, are not healthy to begin with. They are toxic even if you eat little.
    They will always taste bad the first time you eat them.
    Just because your body can deal with small quantities of it, doesn't mean it's healthy.

    Every protein is different. Don't let 'health experts' tell you how many calories to eat etc.
    Every body is different, every cell in every piece of food is different.

    If your kid cries because he doesn't like his/her food, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY
    THEIR BODIES TELL THEM NOT TO EAT, perhaps you should eat more healthy!
    If your kid developed eating problems, go find help from someone with a kid who doesn't have these problems.

  6. Only ten days? Do you think that ten days is a long enough period to truly understand the diet? If I had only done keto for ten days I never would have stuck with it because it takes time to reap the benefits. Yes, I believe you would benefit from a thirty day trial.

  7. 30 days help for your body to heal from all the things that may cause inflammation so that you actually see/feel the difference in your bodies health. You might be surprised the changes you find.

  8. I use fasting, keto and Omad. It is easy to do and I can do it on a very tight budget. I sure can't afford all that meat. Plus, I'm not a big fan of meat. I'm learning to enjoy some meat on keto and look for less expensive meat and fish products. I also can't do without my dairy. Anyway, guess for me the carnivore diet is out. Thanks for your honest opinion.

  9. I'm confused on one thing. If you are on keto to lose fat not eating carbs. If you give your body fat, won't you be using the fat you eat for energy? Not burning the stored fat on your body? Hopefully, someone will explain this to me.

  10. Thank you for your reply. Now I have to figure out what to eat on keto AND have a calorie deficiency. I don't even know how many calories I need. Seems keto is high calorie, except vegetables, which frankly I'm not a big fan of. Ugh, getting so complicated. Thanks again. Gotta keep working on it.

  11. I had heard how carbohydrate food were linked with weight gain as well as generally to steer clear of carbohydrates, but yet had never considered using them to slim down. The fundamental idea behind the four cycle weight-loss strategy is for you to train your system to reduce fat for energy instead of carbs. It’s founded on scientific inquiry into the elevated carb diets of the Japanese and their remarkable long-life expectancy. The evidence would suggest that it’s their increased carb-cycling dieting technique that could help to remain healthy and balanced into old age with a minimal body mass index (lower incidence of overweight).Read more here

  12. I am doing the carnivore diet for 1 month starting in January of 2019 to see how it affects me. I want to cut Dairy out of my diet because said to say I'm not losing weight on keto and this is not the first time and I think the Darius what's holding me back. So… Going to try carnivore and see what happens

  13. Im getting so tired of all these keto youtubers spouting nonsense about. G L U C O N E O G E N E S I S. It is literally not even a problem. if you are eating 150-200 protein you WILL be okay there is not a worry of it kicking you out of ketosis. If you are eating your butter and fats which every “carnivore” does then its not a problem ketosis is even easier on carnivore since its damn near ZERO carb. P.S EAT ORGANS

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