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25 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet- What’s on the menu

  1. Sugar bad. Carbs Bad. I get that. I live that. I'm ok with that. I don't have cravings…except for one thing. Real sugar in my coffee. I can't do unsweetened and artificial sweeteners are ickypoo. 24 carbs for a single 16 oz cup. That can't be all that bad if I'm strict with everything else, right? Like once or twice a week. It's ok, right? RIGHT?!? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLLY, SAY RIGHT!

  2. I lived a vegan vegetarian lifestyle for last decade until recently, I suffered major pain and mental health and have had lots of hospital appointments etc and generally wasn't feeling good… for the last 2months I have been on a keto intermittent fasting vegan diet and was amazed by some of my results, since then I have found out about the carnivore diet and watched lots and yesterday I went out and got my self sirloin steak, bacon and eggs and for the first time in a long time I felt full, I felt contented I felt simply amazing and know the benefits of a full fat food style way of life is the right way, my grandma used to live on tripe and onions and I remember she used to give me it as a child, she was doing me the world of good and I never knew it…

    Thank-you great video sir enjoyed it, you look amazing too all the best for 2019 and Happy Holidays….

  3. How much fat should we be having? I am worried salmon,chicken,lamb etc are all very low.Not too practical for me to fry up a ribeye while at work !!
    Also what supplements would you recommend if any?

    Thanks,i will keep an eye out for your video updates.

  4. Good to know- I have seen other people into carnivore type diet , especially raw meat eating ones, consuming a lot of raw butter and raw milk, etc . You mentioned less dairy is better, does that apply to raw dairy as well?

  5. After being Keto for almost a year, I've developed what I believe is histamine intolerance. Most Keto approved foods are full of histamine. I know the underlying cause is gut permeability and suspect heavy cream the biggest culprit in my current way of eating. Thank you for sharing this! I'm highly interested in what I feel is the next evolution in my diet.

  6. I felt like shit for 4 straight months on keto. Ate all organic foods, had diarrhea 24/7, leg cramps, chronic fatigue.

    Switched to beef only and energy immediately sky rocketed and still dark pretty amazing.

    I Didn't realize you can eat other proteins, I initially listened to Mailaka Peterson and she and her dad just do beef.

    So you're doing no carbs, not just a beef diet.

    Recently, I deviated and ate scallops and organic butter and got a headache before I finished eating and I don't really get head aches.

    Back to grass fed beef.

  7. Is it okay to start the diet while still drinking double double coffees? I have no problem kicking everything but I can’t seem to drop coffee, otherwise I can go all meat no problem.

  8. What about eggs Dr Baker? Most of my family members are in some way affected by rheumatoid arthritis, and my mum was struck by it around my age ((will be 36 this spring) I'm trying to have a less painful life, and found the carnivore tribe through Rogan. I'm sort of mid transition atm, but being a student, I find it a bit difficult edging around the financial side of things, but I'm getting smarter on the topic as I go along. Having eggs for breakfast as I write this, and it's not at all time consuming to cook and quite cheap, so I'm hoping for it to be a good thing…. Please, help! And how do you feel about swimming as an all around excercise? Much love from Sweden

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