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25 thoughts on “Carnivore diet- the fiber fantasy

  1. I think at the end of the day, humans are incredibly resilient and can survive in extreme conditions. However, what is undeniable is that animal agriculture is cruel and unsustainable. Even more, through out history, time and time we see that veganism yields health, wellbeing, and peaceful culture.

  2. Dr. Baker, thank you so much! Here are some questions. How do I avoid gut inflammation on this diet? I’m really concerned about it. Because without fiber there will be no butyrate to tell my immune system to not attack my intestines, right? What about it? And what about getting antioxidants? I mean, I want to reduce oxidative stress, right? As it’s linked to most of diseases. As far as I know, animal products contain very little of antioxidants. And how do I convince my vegan friends to go on carnivorous diet? They got so much science on their side! And paleo-scientists telling that our evolutionary ancestors ate more than 100 g of fiber a day? And that cholesterol thing after all. I do believe you but I want some better evidence that meat is okay in terms of artery health. Thank you!

  3. As far as large scale population longevity goes. How do you explain the blue-zone studies? Where pre-WW2 Sardinians and Okanawans both had pork, potatoe and green veg as a staples? Fiber and certain whole foods obviously worked for them.

  4. cant believe i fell for veganism for many years.. I was bloated all the time, sometimes liquidish stool painfully pushing solid one in front of it.. Since I quit veganism and mainly eat meat, eggs, butter, and some fruits and few veggies here and there, my stomach has flattened, energy increased, nails, hair, skin all got better, mood increased, less sleep needed, normal digestion..
    Everything you say in this video made entire sense! 🙂

  5. Just when you think this guy could not get more retarded. This. LOL I have to give it to him he is really good at saying complete fucking bullshit with conviction. He'd have a great career as a greasy bald used car salesman if this Youtube thing doesn't pan out.

  6. I've been on the carnivore diet for a month now. My IBS symptoms are gone and I have lost 10 pounds. My diebetic symptoms are gone. My skin and hair are soft and beautiful! I feel so happy! I feel beautiful and I don't spend hours on the toilet crying anymore. And I poop every day with no issues

  7. Cholesterol changes from day to day depending on the fat you eat. Carbs and sugars turn to fat only eaten in massive quantities. There is actually an equation that exists since the 50s called the Hegsted equation established by Mark Hegsted who died a few years ago at the age of 95. The equation enables cardiologists to accurately predict serum cholesterol rise depending on the quantity of fat you ingest. Why was Hegsted bent on finding this equation? Because it was established without the shadow od a doubt that excess dietary fat, from any source, even the most healthy sources such as nuts, seeds an avocados, is the cause of coronary disease. And that's when all the research on the mediterranean and the Okinawan diets started. The denial of this well established truth is at best quack science at worst a conscious scam.

  8. It always baffles me how vegans are so disconnected from the way Nature works. On planet earth, every single living creature, be that an animal or humans need to est, and that means you eat lunch when you have the upper hand, or you become lunch when you are the weaker party. That is it. That is the perpetual circle of life. The grass can only grow and be healthful to herbivores because of all the under ground animals and bacteria that make the soil rich . Plus the pee and poop of the animals also contribute to making the soil rich. Plants cannot grow without the contribution of this. We all can agree that animal farm factories are a cruel way ro raise cattle. But we can fight to improve the living and slaughtering conditions. The same can be said for farmed fish.
    And there’s another point I’d like to raise: imagine no animals get killed, not by another animal, nor by humans. The planet would be overrun by living creatures, and there wouldn’t be enough food left for the animals and humans.
    And lastly, In some Asian countries elephants are considered pests because they “thrash” agricultural fields. They get slaughtered so that soybeans and other crops can grow. Similar situations occur in South America where more and more of the rain forest gets cleared for high yield agricultural crops. Vegans always hammer about the cruelty of killing and eating animals, but they never advance any ideas for solutions.

  9. I have several issues with your argument, although I am open to the possibility that I am wrong.

    1. Americans now have a historically low level of fiber in their diet. The average American today eats 15 grams of fiber (RDA 38 for me). Yet during this same time constipation has grown as a major cause of emergency room visits. If fiber is the problem, would you not expect that the lower consumption of fiber would lead to less constipation?

    2. When we look at the microbiome of isolated hunter gatherers and frozen remains of ancient bodies, we find that they are relatively high fiber diets. The Hazda eat on average 100 grams of fiber a day, almost 7 times more than we do. Yet we have a growing incidence of bowel cancers and constipation. Why do the Hazda, who eat a traditional diet, not have horrible constipation?

    3. Fiber has been associated with a diverse microbiome. While we are still investigating what it means to have ah ealthy biome, we do know that a diverse microbiome is a hallmark of health. Yet out microbiome in the West is very homogeneous, while high fiber consuming cultures such as the Hazda have much more diverse microbiomes. Studies have shown that the consumption of fiber increases the diversity of the gut flora. How can fiber be unnecessary when the most diverse and healthy microbiomes we know use fiber to thrive?

    These seem like pretty strong refutations of the argument that fiber is unnecessary. And I speak from experience here, I've done zero carb due to food intolerances and I can say that my bowel habits did not improve better. The zero carb you preach just simply has no basis in most world history. There is no animal that simply eats a specific muscle of meat and ignores the most rich and succulent portions of the animal: the organs. If you read this, I am more than open minded to accept a reasonable refutation of these points.

  10. This is pretty amazing. About a week ago I switched over to primarily meat products. I still eat everything else, but meat and meat products primarily. This is incredible. The first thing that happened was I got diarrhea. That was fun. But, on mostly plants, I would get constipated. Now everything's back to normal like it was before. It only took a few days!

    There really is going to be an uphill battle with this though. I went grocery shopping today. I go to an organic store. They had beef tri-tip and cheese on baguette in the counter. I picked one up for lunch. That girl looked at me like I was sacrificing her firstborn. I'd never noticed it before. Ordering beef in a restaurant gets the same reaction. Chicken doesn't seem to pull that. Not even pork products, but you order beef? You're going to get a piercing glare.

    I'm a grown up. I really don't care what people think, but it's still is pretty amazing.

  11. Hi, Dr. Baker. Question: As a carnivore, is my "fat burn zone" different when working out? As backgoynd, I've been carnivore for about 26 months, and I run and do bodyweight training; I'm a 57-yr-old woman, and not overweight.

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