Carnivore Diet | Week 3 Update

Coming up on a month! Looking forward to hitting the first goal of 30 DAYS!

Impressed with how many people are giving World Carnivore Month a try!

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Written by

Sam Kresslein

39 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet | Week 3 Update

  1. how can you people eat so much at once 😀 2 pounds… my metric brain tells me that this amount is almost 1 kg… in the morning you ate 1 kg pork chops and later that day you planed to eat another 2 pound of T-Bone steaks ? I can't get myself to eat that much… but im an inactive person so perhaps this is the reason..

  2. Everybody that want to do this! DO IT NOW! IT is a FREE country. You have a right to KILL yourself by being uninformed. HURRY UP AND DIE!! DO IT!! GO EAT ONLY MEAT! DO IT!!! Vlog it!! We can't wait to see you all die!!! DO IT!!!!

  3. The biggest thing that convinced me we are meant to be carnivores is when you look at our digestive systems, they most resemble dogs and wolves. Even rats have additional chambers and they are truly omnivores. We're not meant to be vegetarians or vegans. We can speculate on everything else, but the design of our digestive system simply does not lie.

  4. Well 95 percent have about 5 to 10 percent, of Neanderthal DNA, within our gene pool. Neanderthals, were almost strictly carnivores, 95 to 90 percent of their diet was meat. Its speculated our immune system strength, is because of them. They lived in the harshest, environment of the times. A frozen wasteland.
    Who really knows what we are suppose to eat? Cause our gene pool, is so divers, and it sets the rules in how your body operates. Cause if you think about it, as far as genes go, we are all mutts. Not one of us is pure blooded. We have intermingled for millennia. Even our caveman ancestors….

  5. If people want to be vegan because they want to avoid unethical treatment to animals I get that. But to try to say we are closer to herbivores is absurd. Herbivores digest fiber. We don't. We can't turn cellulose into short-chain fatty acids. We've based our diet on meat for way too long and if we had the ability to digest fiber at one time that ability is long gone. And I don't understand the argument about our teeth. We never had reason to develop big long sharp canines. We hunted art animals and ate them with tools. We never ran through the woods catching our pray and tearing it apart on site. Lions developed the teeth they have because they need them for survival. We never had use for teeth like that so there was no reason to evolve towards having them. Bottom line we've been eating meat heavily for 2.6 million years. There is no arguing against the fact that that is how our bodies have evolved.

  6. Oh hell ya. Food companies love to sell wood pulp. Also something to think about….plants cannot move. They avoid being eaten via chemistry. Loaded with toxins they are. Most of which humans can handle but not always. Fortunately our food eats them just fine. muhahaha

  7. Full support of all carnivore videos. Carnivore diet healed me, I only 'survived' as an omnivore. I don't even want to imagine how bad I would be on vegan and I am not going to find out. I found my full energy levels on day 5 of carnivore. You rock! Keep going!

  8. My diet is around 97%meat and the other 3% milk and cheese and i only eat twice a day as i dont get hungry and I'm more active and been alot healthier with meat then when I ate plant matter and i struggled to digest them even suffering from stomach pains and i was stuck on the toilet all the time and was always hungry and had no energy.

  9. Nice video. You did say if this diet made me feel my best, why would I switch?

    This brings up the main problem with people using these extreme diets, Vegan and Carnivore. You hit the nail on the head, you do reduce inflammation going Carnivore. But to keep this simple, to not re-introduce some vegetables and plants (after your gut has healed) is a very very bad decision. The world we live in is so toxic now, that we do end up needing leafy greens to help our liver detoxify us. This is especially true for the carnivores who are not eating completely grass-fed/finished meats. There is no real long term studies on this. You can absolutely stay in healthy ketosis but the goal of Carnivore should be a short term healing that allows your body to handle what it once could not. Some people say "well I ate healthy before and I removed veggies and felt even better, why would I bring them back"…trust me, if you live in America you have developed gut issues from something in your life, regardless of who you are. Once healed you need to re introduce some veggies, possibly germinated nuts and some seasonal fruits on occasion.

    Just about any typical American will feel instant benefits from either going Vegan or going Carnivore. You are reducing inflammation and detoxifying the body. I do believe it is easier to reduce inflammation on carnivore as compared to vegan, but that also depends on the quality of meat you consume on carnivore, and how much sugar you take in on Vegan compared to greens. Not switching back to a more balanced diet (I do believe healthy Ketosis is the best "diet", along with quality animal products) is just masking the symptoms and will eventually hurt you 20, 30, 40 or so years down the road, if not sooner.

  10. thanks for uploading. you re right. tried vege diet for 10 yrs , got me very sick .gum disease .teeth falling out. lung problems . no energy .l thought its to do with age . l realised later that l was deficient in nutrients due to a vegetarian diet . l changed diet ,l eat grass fed meat delivered to my door . my energy boosted tremendously .after just 2 weeks on mostly beef and lamb . l have not had any chichen yet . butter and goose fat included . it is truly amazing .l am not a troll .so for those vegans out to destroy our planet . let me tell them . Animal fat is the best nutrient for optimum health . l am so excited that my ancestors were always healthy .because they ate meat . VEGANISM KILLS .nearly did me . thank you .

  11. As a Christian I understand why people lean towards herbivore as in Genesis 1:29 after God had created man he blessed them and said that every seed bearing plant and ever seed bearing fruit was to be their food. Then he gave them domination over the animals to care for them. This was before they sinned so they had perfect bodies, DNA etc. It wasn’t until after the global flood that things changed. The flood was so catastrophic that it caused drastic changes on the Earth. From what I can conclude from the Genesis account, the effects of sin, our bodies degrading and the new changes from the flood made our bodies less able to process plant foods to get all the nutrients we needed. So in Genesis 9:3 after God restated we had dominion over the animals, now gave the command that we could have the animals for food too, only the blood was not to be consumed. So now we are 4000 odd years further down the line and because in the last 100 years process foods, factory farming (agriculture, cattle and dairy) mixed with messing with plants at the DNA level (GMO) some of us can’t digest plant foods at all, some can only digest plant foods and some both. The reality is that if a vegan diet gives you optimal health then that’s great for you same with carnivore. We must do the best for our health while caring for the plants and animals we share the Earth with.

  12. I believe we were to eat what was available at the time. If meat was scarce then we were able to find and eat fruit and vegetable. With the time passing and humans have evolved alot in millions of years.
    I have noticed I do very well with very little veggies and very little carbs 5%. My body isn't hungry for "snacks"if I only eat heavy fats and meats. I'm almost 50 and started keto in Sept. Its a learning lifestyle. I'm still making to many mistakes that's why I'm researching carnivore lifestyle. I know this is one my husband will have a hard time on. Addicted to carbs and coffee. I'm working on him though.

  13. I've never done a keto diet so I don't know what it's like to try and perform in sport without glucose, but if we weren't meant to have glucose why would we perform physically so well on it? I'm pretty sure every pro cyclist and all Olympic track and field athletes are getting their energy from glucose. Not trying to argue here, just very curious about carnivore diets.

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