Carnivore diet – where do I get my vitamin C?


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Shawn Baker

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  1. The boring vegans are out in force as usual. They only hang around carnivore sites so they can try to annoy and distract. It isn't working. In fact, it only makes people all the more determined to hear the truth and ignore their b.s propaganda. We can see right through their weak agendas and it's clear they're sick with jealousy at all your record-breaking accomplishments, Shawn.

  2. a missconseption when talking about carnivore diete is that people think atlarge that you only eat the meat. that is not the case you need to include liver which have quite high amout of vitamin c.

  3. Some woman told me today that Shawn Baker is in cahoots with the meat and dairy industry to promote more sales for the business.
    Now I have a hard time buying that idea… but I wanted to share this with the doc.

  4. Well you don't want to squeeze a teaspoon of juice out of an orange and drink it or something! You'll be mentally retarded from the waist up and paralyzed from the waist down for days! As if low T wasn't bad enough already.

  5. But people 1000 years ago died really early, that's not really good argument. It might be that we have evolved to eat this, but we find out a life hack with balanced diet that wasn't available… Anyways 7th day of carnivore diet and not dead yet

  6. I can respect this man's intelligence but goddamn does he need a PR manager. Everytime he makes a video, it's portrait mode, it's made in some weird location (this is like the middle of door frame in the hallway), he looks and sounds half asleep and us rambling on from topic to topic. He needs an outline and speaking points. It needs editing, like a peer reviewed paper. It doesn't just get published first draft. C'mon man

  7. UNLIKE ESKIMOS WHO ATE SEAWEED , YOU DONT . And its suplimented in meat by a fraction n synthetic element called asorbic acid. Not C. Warning Eskimos have more cholesterol n heart issues and osteoperosis than others. Mummies n frozen people dug up show. More lies by Baker. You supliment B12 too. Cows get it injected. Its a bacteria in soil not meat. Take pill unless in PRIMITIVE CULTURE.
    Youre the face of ill health n only 50. Bet its from meat excess. Man is 95% vegan . Eat veggies n proper whole foods or die sooner. Young Arnold S. The Terminator already had heart surgery n was warned long ago. Jack LaLanne was 95% vegan n competing at age 97. Hed still be alive if he took his flu to the doctors

  8. You may need less vitamin c on a carnivore diet but you still need some and unless you are eating liver or plants then you will be getting none and your body can't store it, so yeah doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

  9. I like to tell people, "I only eat vegans, so it might not be wise to try to take away my four-legged variety." I am amused at the difference between the phrase, "I only eat vegan," and "I only eat vegans."

  10. I see there's a lot of info about vitamin C and carnivore but what about E and K? Vitamin A is easy with liver, and D is not so hard with salmon, but E and K are scarce in animal products. Is there research showing we may not need as much E and K as the "recommend daily allowance" of these? Where's are the studies? Thanks ahead of time for anyone who can point me to some research!

  11. if eating a lot of animal tissue you hardly will get "scurvy" because now you dont need vitamin C to synthetyse the amino acids that forms collagen, you are geting those from the diet… Sv3rige explains that and i read it somewhere else… at the same time why not drinking some lemon ocasionally or marinating the meat in lemon/orange juice

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