Fiber on a Carnivore Diet | How do you poop!?

In this video, I’m discussing fiber and it’s importance in a carnivore diet. Is it important? Isn’t it healthy? How do you poop!?

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21 thoughts on “Fiber on a Carnivore Diet | How do you poop!?

  1. well said Ben. People seem to equate a regular daily bulky elimination with health. it's crazy. like you said, this diet will decrease the frequency and size, but this is NOT to be confused with constipation. Fiber is totally not essential and truthfully probably does more harm than good.

  2. My girlfriend and i are on the carnivore diet and eating dairy and we experience constipation – meaning that it doesn't want to come out, that it gets stuck down there until you use your finger, or in my case a match stick. So, it does happen – not to everyone, but it happens to some of us. We're thinking that it's probably either the cheeze or the milk. We're gonna start a process of elimination.

  3. I’ve been on the carnivore diet for a week now and the first few days of eating mainly fatty ribeyes (2 – +-16 oz. steaks/day) consisted of mild stomach pain and diarrhea a few times per day. Since then, the bowel movements have almost totally ceased. But I don’t feel bloated or constipated though, hopefully it’s just my body and guts adjusting, that’s what I’ve heard anyways. Thanks for posting this video!

  4. Cutting simple carbohydrates is good, but fibber is not for you, it's for the bacteria in your stomach. The beneficial bacteria in your stomach mainly feeds of fiber and when you don't provide fiber it starts feeding of your stomach walls and spilling into your blood stream creating inflammations in the body and makes you feel shitty basically (not mentally, it's physically bad for you). All well described in the awesome book "The zone" – Dr. Barry Sears. Also have in mind that consuming such large amount of meat (because the only think you can eat, so you eat a lot of it) takes a toll on your kidneys – if you don't drink enough water it can lead to kidney related diseases that can lead to kidney failure. I was thinking of trying the only meat diet, but am keeping it meat and veggies for now because of the kidney thing mostly.

  5. Yeah thx for the video I just started the diet and have been only eating meat. So far I can’t remember that last time I pooped it’s 4 days now and I’m taking magnesium to see if that helps

  6. I've been eating a pure carnivore diet for 6 weeks now and constipation was a concern when I started. I was a little constipated during the first couple of weeks but as my digestion improved it became 1 or two easy bowel movements a day – no straining at all! The whole fibre thing is a myth! It is the quality of your digestion that matters and meat/eggs and dairy digest extremely well! Plus my mentality, motivation, sleep and general energy are so good I will not go back to fruit and vegetables. What a huge con that has been.. I only wish I could have known it 30 years ago.

  7. Npoe, nope,nope nope, nope. I can tell you that since switching to carnivore, I have been constipated. Like trying to shit the proverbial brick. Normal bowel movements before beginng, but everything bound up since eating carnivore. Kind of an obvious correlation.

  8. I've been carnivore for 8 weeks. Absolutely no constipation. If anything actually the opposite. I go just as frequently. Just not as often and it's a little soft. But constipation? Not even close.

  9. My definition of constipation would be having very hard, difficult to pass bowel movements. Whether or not they happen every day is not as important to me as how easy they are to pass. It is interesting to hear that we don't really need fiber, and that it is an irritant to the body. I know from personal experience that my abdominal bloating and pain went almost completely away in just a couple of days when I switched to eating a carnivore diet, though I did experience several days without having a bowel movement and then had an easy to pass stool.

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