Carnivore Diet | Eating Virtually Only Meat

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10 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet | Eating Virtually Only Meat

  1. Sounds like alot of clogging cholesterol. Especially if your trying to hit your calorie goal some people 2800 to 5k calories. I only need 2800 a day to gain a pound a week as im pretty slim right now i hit 2800 with mostly carbs but not bread cause it just tastes not that great i have 1200calorie shakes eggs hasbrown pastas ect my family are mostly vegan but at the same time no one cooks we dont have together meals and i dont have a good appetite so eating a ton is hard

  2. I agree that there is a lot of differ diets, but the only one that separates itself from all the others Is the vegan/plant based one cause not only is it differ, but it's the most ethical the planet, animals and ppl s health in general if done correctly

  3. been on it a month. i like it easy to stick to. i eat 3 times a day. full all day and no bloat, no gas. inflammation is gone. i have no issues pooping. i eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, eggs cooked in butter,little milk. glass of milk to chase it down. then 12 oz sirlon or top round steak, lower fat for lunch. i am dieting . another steak for dinner but i add a carb on workout days.

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