Can We Change The World By Eating Our Native Ancestral Carnivore Diet? Review of “The Magic Pill”


The Magic Pill trailer:

Barry Groves, Homo Carnivorous:

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I’m in my mid-fifties, and in 2017 switched from a high-carb, low-fat totally plant-based diet to a very low-carb, high-protein & fat, Ketogenic / ‘Carnivore Diet’ to improve my health. I had growing fatigue, was very hypoglycemic, borderline diabetic, had ongoing sinus and digestive issues, plus, I had excess body fat that never went away while eating a vegan diet. I share how we eat, our bodybuilding training sessions put together by my husband, Coach Don (Full Range Strength) and other tidbits for becoming a Strong Spirited Person, in body, mind & heart.

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9 thoughts on “Can We Change The World By Eating Our Native Ancestral Carnivore Diet? Review of “The Magic Pill”

  1. You said it about the natural joy. I'm on a fixed income and thought the starch solution would be a great way to eat because it is vegan and very cheap. I felt blah but then with the tax cut I started buying steak and the change is miraculous. By the way my grandma back in the forties used to chew up steak for me to eat when I was only a year old because she thought I needed meat instead of pablum. I was also breast fed and my family never paid much attention to germs. Must have worked because I never got allergies and in my mid-seventies take no medication

  2. Fantastic video. Your energy shouts right through the screen!!
    I am not surprised at your energy and as well, wonderful mental energy too, it truly changes and recharges our bodies from being starved and depleted with eating the wrong foods.
    I was recently cornered by a Ketonian IG follower/subscriber about eating the way I am, wow. You would have thought I committed a crime. I lost 27 followers in about two weeks. Like that is going to deter me from doing one of the best things I have ever done for my health.
    I will use your link and watch the movie, the trailer looks so good. I hope we can all work on spreading the message of natural health and eating the way we should have all these years.
    Keep up the great job getting the message out!

  3. I fell the same sister. Tried so hard to be plant based. Now I''m on high fat diet with a lot of animal foods. No more depression, no more sadness. I don't know how someone can be vegan for 10 years.

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