Going from Keto to The Carnivore(Zero Carb) Diet..30 Day Challenge!

**For anyone commenting CURRENTLY (as of about 3 months ago or more I have not followed this diet protocol lol. So no need to leave hate, it was more an experiment than anything ! ) See my more recent videos for what I am actually doing!**


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Sam Br.

36 thoughts on “Going from Keto to The Carnivore(Zero Carb) Diet..30 Day Challenge!

  1. Eat more very Fatty Meat. Don't eat any carbs. Well actually certain fish and eggs have a miniscule quantity of carbs. I eat fatty meat, eggs, butter, homemade cream cheese, and hard cheeses too, fish and sour cream. That's about it. I did ovo-lacto vegetarian for 6 months and then vegan for 6 months. That was 1973 to 1974. I went back to my standard high fat low carb diet by 1975. A few months ago I switched from Keto to Carnivore i will never eat vegetables ever again.

  2. If pizza gives you a headache maybe you're doing something wrong.
    Like not having any carbs.
    There are zero long living communities that eat extreme end diets.
    Look up the Blue Zones book and read it, that will tell you what the human today really needs to live a long and healthy diet.

  3. Disgusting. You support the mass suffering and death of innocent, childlike beings needlessly. You should be ashamed of yourself, I hope one day you experience the immense pain of all of your victims.

  4. Maybe it was the type of cheat meal, Pizza has gluten, lectins in tomato skin and seeds, bread has lectins, the cheese has inflamatory proteins, the seasoning are inflamatory so…
    If your gut is perfect and all joints are perfect and you are young (meaning you have accumulated less lectins in your spine because you not lived long enough to do so) then you can eat a pizza no side effects.

  5. My god, I have NEVER seen a more hateful, shit talking group of people, that will absolutely throw common decency to the wind, for simply doing something they don't "agree with" other than vegans. Real classy group.

  6. you said your cheat meal was carbs, but honestly that is refined carbs and refined sugars. which will surely make you feel like shit and want those type of carbs more. eating carbs in fruits and starchy veggies won't make you feel like crap unless you consume a ton of potatoes!

  7. if you're interested in the carnivore diet, look up Frank Tufano on YouTube. Shawn Baker is great, but preachers that just grain fed muscle meat is okay wheareas Frank talks about organs, d3, electryolyes, and quality animal foods.

  8. Hi, great video. I too am carnivorous from keto. 9 months now. It's much better all round.
    I will stay carnivorous now.
    I eat mainly cooked but eat raw when I have excellent fresh meat and organs. I can't get raw dairy here in oz. So I have small amounts of Dairy.

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