The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy or Totally F%#*ing Crazy?? (QUAH #15) | MIND PUMP

The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy, or Totally F%#*ing Crazy?? Zero Carb Diet, Meat Only, Anti-Vegan, The Perfect Diet… Mind Pump weighs in on the Carnivore Diet which is picking up a lot of attention in the health & fitness community lately.

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25 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy or Totally F%#*ing Crazy?? (QUAH #15) | MIND PUMP

  1. People don't really know what a carnivore diet really is. A carnivore eats , let's say. Beef. Every part of that cow is the carni. The carnivore will eat the meat, liver, heart, tongue, stomach. And cook it in the butter from that cow. So why omit any part of that cow. Every part of the cow is carni. Do you think the first meat eaters wasted any part of an animal. But the so called carnivore will not drink the milk that they will use to make the butter they fry the meat in. That's not balanced. They eat the beef stomach but omits the kefir grains that are in the stomach can be used to ferment the milk to use for tenderizer for that meat or cheese not just butter, yogurt from that kefir milk or butter milk from that kefir. from the cow. From that kefir from the cow after fermenting the milk from the cows kefir grains , yogurt can be made. So if your really a carnivore you will realize the Whole cow is the carni. First meat eaters called the cows milk the whit beef. A carnivore will eat a chicken. But not the egg. That's not balanced. That chicken comes from the egg. Everything in that egg has what becomes the chicken. Modern carnivores are not really thinking right. Ask a Natural carnivore. There are many of us living the real carnivore diet. The whole cow. Not just pieces of it

  2. the guy who said he trie for 3 days and felt crappy, that is actually the adaptation period.  You're supposed to keep it going for at least 30 days

  3. So if you don't recommend this or any other one type of diet full time for anyone, what do you actually suggest people eat? Such a wishy washy answer. You guys don't have a clue. By the way, trying carnivore for 2-3 days didn't give you time to adapt.

  4. Dang nothing like having three handsome men talk… about meat… no pun intended. Lol good video though ♥️❤️ actually trying to eat meat again and this may help in my journey. Yep, I was veget for 1.5y, vegan 1y, raw vegan 1.5y and then have spend the last 3 years been only eating meat and dairy if I binge (meat maybe 2x a year)… so obviously my body is missing something.

  5. Oh man, the first negative comment from a vegan displayed wacky spelling. OK that's perhaps irrelevant? Nevertheless, any diet that's reliant on insanely expensive tablet supplements doesn't sound anything but delusional. Vegetarians have always made me suspect with their proselytizing; vegans with there crazed sense of personal injury. If your too weak to raise some meat to your mouth, makes you a notional fadist. Don't care, shutup. I've always felt better eating a mostly meat diet. I'm comfortable with greens, but this is largely personal choice or a matter of your reaction. Always enjoyed vegetables, but perhaps many of them are causing my arthritis? I feel better minimising my vegetables and going with meat. Still ok with the odd piece of fruit, such as pears. Pears are notable, in that they rarely cause any allergic response in humans.

  6. My family has very few allergies, but since switching myself and my daughter to keto and then carnivore, my daughter has completely recovered from depression (cutting, suicidal thoughts), almost daily migraines, since she had meningitis when she was 6, turned into "I can't remember the last time I had even a small headache". She's also lost almost 20 pounds in a month and a half and feels great.

    The Inuits (and many other cultures) lived completely off animal proteins for millenia before today and were healthy. The whole thing about needing plants is 100% nonsense and I've found nothing to justify going vegan, or even close to vegan.

  7. Love your channels guys…Meat takes 45 minutes to liquify in your body and 15 minutes to absorb in your body .Plant and vegetables takes 3 to 4 hours to liquify in your body. the fibers in vegetable will lacerate your stomach lining eventually. this study is since can eat anything from the animal kingdom except milk because the carbs in it…the maximum carbs in a carnivore lifestyle is 5G which coffee has 1G. read papers of scientists from 1959 to 1963 this was created for extreme people with type two diabetics the result was astonishing. the basic of this lifestyle is you eat when you are hungry one thing is impossible to become fat as fat cant be assimilated into fat. the vehicle that your body needs to store fat is be precise Eskimos from eastern Siberia are Carnivore for years and look how strong and vital they are. Protein will make you stronger and will repair tissues , Fat will burn for fuel and will keep you full. once your are in this lifestyle your body will not register Ketones the reason will be because they are burning as they are created ,,fast and clean…Fasting is for Longevity, Carnivore lifestyle is for your life
    Start with Keto than move to Carnivore that will be the only way you will be able to loose the last 10lbs of fat.

  8. What a dumb thing to say. I tried it for 2 days and felt horrible. That’s like going to the gym for the first time and I felt sore the end the day and never go back. Why don’t you try it for week maybe two

  9. The carnivore diet saved my life! I'm 30 days in and my IBS symptoms are gone. My diabetic symptoms are gone! I'm losing weight. My hair and skin are beautiful and soft! I'm happier.

  10. my take on the ketogenic diet, the ideal protein diet and the carnivore diet is this (and it's the same answer for all 3 diets) Protein and fats are the ONLY essential nutrient your body needs. Essential amino acids (EAAs) Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) there is NO essential carbohydrate….think about that for a sec

  11. Stick to fitness and training guys. When it comes nutrition health, you are slightly clueless.
    Those who find they are feeling better on the carnivore don't do anything to cure their gut sensitivities, it is only masking the problem.
    and the point about cholesterol not being an issue!? OMG smh…

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