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29 thoughts on “Carnivore diet- who should try it

  1. Will some one who is on Keto who chooses to do a carnivore diet is there an adjustment period for them too? Or is it significantly less extreme than going from a carb based to carnivore diet?

  2. Hi Shawn Baker,
    I am curious as to how the carnivore diet affects libido/sex drive/ED …. Do you think that a male with a low sex drive might benefit from the carnivore diet?
    Thanks, I appreciate your informative videos on this diet.

  3. Why don't all the haters just go away to your vegan utopia and leave Shawn alone. We have been eating like this for millennia. Look at your Vegan role models and tell me that a pale pasty walking corpse is a role model for health.

  4. Hey Dr. Sean…as far as the Carnivore Diet and intense workouts, how do you maintain energy? More fat? SOME carbs? I LOVE this diet but in conjunction with heavy lifting, I feel like CRAP!! Any suggestions? Thank you!!

  5. I have eaten healthy (tons of vegetables, moderate meat, low on rice/potatoes) for a many years. My blood work sucks. I have RA and kidney. I am trying carnivore as a elimination diet as food (vegetables are suspect) are causing my immune system to continue to break down. Everything is food. Stop hating – some of us need other choices and if this benefits fine, if not, keep on searching.

  6. I am 2 1/2 Months into The Carnivore Diet . Full remission of depression, anxiety, MS symptoms, autism symptoms, gum disease, catatonic schizophrenia, coordination, balance issues, and arthritis.

  7. Evolution of millions of years is a lie – around 5500-7500 years since beginning of creation. Thanks for the info. It seem to do something for me already but not 100% meat yet but close.

    The Gospel is about Jesus Christ dying for the sins of the world! 🙂 That he died for a ransom for all of us if we repent and look to him who hanged on the tree, whose Bread was broken and his Wine poured out for the sins of the world. The Perfect Spotless Sinless Pass-over Lamb of Jehovah.

  8. I get why people can hate the followers of people but Shawn himself as he lays out in this vid and many others, keeps saying if the Carni diet doesn't work for you then that is fine. Everyone is different so it figures the same diet won't work for everyone. Its quite simple. He has his own bias which he admists to but he always sounds quite laid back and reasonable.

    Stop the outrage diet wars people, save the outrage for Gender and other crap say the new star wars movies get a woody from lol

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