Episode 006 – The Carnivore Diet – with Zach Bitter (Ultramarathoner)

Endurance Training and Setting World Records on Meat-Based Diet

When most people think of endurance training they think marathons.

In this episode I chatted with Zach Bitter who is an ultra-marathoner, holding the American World Record in the 100 mile race. 

Not only can Zach do the equivalent of 4 straight marathons at a Boston Marathon qualifying pace, he does this by being fueled almost entirely on meat. 

Tune in to see how meat (not carbs) power a World Record holding endurance athlete.

Thanks to Zach for sharing his story and advice on getting into World Record books and to you for listening!



Written by

Kevin Stock

3 thoughts on “Episode 006 – The Carnivore Diet – with Zach Bitter (Ultramarathoner)

  1. Great video… I’m into carnivore now and I’m looking into running long distances and working up to running marathons and eventually 100 and 200 mile marathons….and I’d like to see if I can do these while strictly carnivore…or if I’ll need to incorporate some carbs strategically.

    I do wish you’d ask Zach about his sodium intake during training and on race days…maybe if you get him on again you can ask that.

    Keep up the with the great content man…. cheers!

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