How I Lost 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks on the Carnivore Diet with Zero Exercise! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! What are the details of my amazingly fast transformation and is it true you can lose weight without exercising? Find out here!

FROM JOSH PECK: My apologies for the slowness of my speaking, I just came out of surgery at the time of this recording and was still recovering. Also apologies of any inconvenience with the ads in the video; I still have yet to hear back from YouTube concerning ads, views counts, shadow banning, and all the other issues this channel has come across. Please direct all complaints to YouTube. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Take care and God bless!

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38 thoughts on “How I Lost 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks on the Carnivore Diet with Zero Exercise!

  1. GoFundMe for Josh's surgery and medical expenses: – Your support is essential to JoshPeckDisclosure, which is funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one-time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: or for as little as $1 a month, become a Peck Patron at and let's build something amazing and change this crazy world together!

  2. Josh, YAY!! meat diet! I'm at 232 would like to at least be below 200 asap. If this has at least started to succeed for you, what kind of portions are you doing? Maybe it could work for me. I have plenty of beef and chicken in the freezer. I was thinking 3 to 4 oz portions 4 or 5 times a day. Do you think I should try this? Heart, lungs, etc. are in good shape, I just don't seem to have any metabolism any more. Thanks.

  3. Love JBP and I, along with thousands out there, have had more focus to better their lives thanks to his lectures and tenacity! Looking forward to Mikhaila's interview! Will pray for your recovery too!

  4. My husband told me to eat just meat. He was on a deployment back in 2003 and he ate only meat and lost a lot of weight. I have been trying everything but that. I will try it now as everything else has not worked. If it works and apparently it does I will keep doing it. Thanks for the video.

  5. Sorry about your health issues. Praying for you. As for the carnivore diet I know it works…just not recommended to stay on it for an extended period. Additionally, DO NOT eat pork or shellfish…that is the worst possible meat to eat…and the Scriptures tell us it is not even food. Jesus never ate it, the Apostles never ate it…the people they taught (early church) never ate it for hundreds of years after Jesus until forced to by the catholic church.

    Further there is a future prophecy contained in Isaiah chapter 66 about what happens to those that eat pork in the latter days. It ain't good. For thousands of years rabbis's and Bible scholars pondered these verses and did not understand how the mouse played into this topic….then a Canadian company started splicing mice genes with pigs. Just research "enviropig"….mind blowing.

    I don't care how the modern church try's to twist Paul's words with regard to food…this horrible lie is built on a bed of sand and can be easily refuted by someone with understanding of Hebrew and Greek and understanding what Paul was really talking about. I love it when preachers use Acts 10 as a proof text that we can eat whatever we want. That whole passage was about men and not food. Yet we make it out to be about a ham sandwich.

    Blessings to you…hope and pray for healing from our Father for you.

  6. Have fun with the diet. I’ve been carnivore for 7 months and keto 4 months before that, and I felt even better on zero carb. I primarily eat beef and fish. I did try a small piece of quiche with some spinach and I felt awful the rest of the day and just wanted to sleep. So, I will be doing this diet as long as possible. Can’t go wrong with steak and eggs for breakfast

  7. Well done Josh. Your usage of the word "diet" is fine since that only refers to whatever one is eating. However, I would urge you away from thinking in terms of losing "weight" as our weight is our entire body: skeleton, water, blood, organs, etc. You can lose weight by dehydrating or cutting off your legs. This is about losing fat and keeping good, healthy, lean muscle weight. FYI: eating lots of meats/fats can clog you up something fierce so a good deal of fiber is needed (such as from veggies and nuts, for example).

  8. Doing this long term is dangerous! Believe me people I know first-hand from experience I went through the same thing as Makala. The first hundred pounds of my weight loss came from doing a meat only diet. When I first did the Elimination Diet the results were so great my eczema got completely clear so I decided to continue. Eventually my Eczema got to be the worst it has ever been before in my life. I went from being allergic or sensitive to some foods to all of them. at the end of it all I couldn't even eat a piece of chicken without my system going crazy I couldn't find any relief anywhere. it wasn't until I found out that my lymphatic system was all jacked up and my body was at filtering at all from eating all the meat. It wasn't until cut the meat out and start going to work on my lymphatic system through fruits that I got any relief….. I'm still dealing with the issue but I'm a lot better than I was, plant based diet is working for me.

    This can work extremely well for weight loss though (again I lost close to 100 pounds doing it) but it's extremely unhealthy. Here is why; the key to True health is through detoxification of the body. Simply put your body needs to eliminate through all elimination channels. Eating a all meat diet will slow down your elimination and clog your lymphatic system making your body toxic. This is what happened to me I became constipated and I wouldn't even sweat a lot. The healthiest people are the ones with the most active properly nourished digestive system, meat slows down digestion.

  9. Hi Josh, I'm late to this video & am not familiar. It seems similar to Atkins & when I say that I mean low carbs. In my personal life, any diet or restricted eating that has to do with lowering carbs has helped me lose weight & has worked for me. It's been the only thing "diet" that's worked. You're the only other person that shares the same analogy as I do. My mind is to full. I've tried to explain it to others like something has got to leave before something can come in. So, I get it. I've been wanting to send you an email cause I'm a Kratom supporter also. I will do that. Take care….

  10. …the Neurs, a tribe in the Sudan of Africa, "believed the seat of the soul was the liver and considered it their most important food.  The growth of a person's character and body was said to depend upon feeding that soul by eating the livers of animals."  He continues, "In that sense, liver seems to have been considered a sacred food for this culture; a food with both physical and spiritual dimensions not found in other foods."


    “Organ meat was especially efficient, a full house, crowded with vitamins.”…“That’s when the magic happened,” she says.

    “but a carnivorous diet can supply all the essential nutrients, provided you eat the   whole animal (organ meats, etc), and eat it raw.”


    Heal Organs by Eating Organs.
    Value of eating animal glands is getting DNA which has multiple benefits.

  11. Make sure you eat meat organs as well that is where all the nutrients are. I do beef heart and chicken liver. I've had amazing health results with carnivore and I'm staying on it. But really add in meat organs.

  12. That feeling of being scared, especially at night, I had that too. I was afraid that of bad things materializing, like thinking about a concentration camp would make me transport to one in World War 2. I could look at anything that might be scary. After keto, those disappeared. Are they called night terrors?

  13. Josh… Thank you for sharing your experience… It is interesting especially for me because I have the same problem as you had with the waking up with extreme unfounded fear… I wake up during the night many times and also often in the morning I wake up in a near panic attack state. I have tried for year to be vegetarian or vegan but succumb to the cravings time and time again. Now I have also seen the videos you mention and am beginning the carnivore diet to see how it affects  me. I am also obese class 2 and that alone is causing me terrible suffering… I have tried every diet imaginable with no permanent weight loss result. So far, day five now of the carnivore with a bit of an apple and olive slip-up yesterday… so far, no weight loss but today I am starting to be very strict and plan to keep to 1 cup black coffee in the morning… then only eggs, butter, rib eye steak with a bit of Himalayan salt only and filtered water… Wish me luck… as I do wish for you… I will keep watching your channel. I actually watched your interview with Mikaila first.

  14. Thanks for this video Josh…very well done … you are absolutely right about researching…look at all sides of the argument…so many people search for information that just confirms their opinion…

    I started my fat loss journey doing Keto….and I am still to this day scouring the internet for more information…even though I know it works for me and I feel amazingly healthy. I’ve lost 8.4 kg so far give or take (depends how much food I carry around my gut in a given day 😉
    And that works out to around 1 pound a week which is what the conventional wisdom says is possible…(1 to 2 pounds a week)

    I’ve started transitioning into carnivore and am doing a winter experiment…three months or so….and see how it affects me and how I feel. Started off losing weight fast again …maybe a water loss affect from changing the diet once again…part of the reason for starting Carnivore was to see if I could bump up the fat loss to 2 lbs a week…I just got my very first 18.7 % bodyfat reading on my scale today….and it was with my highest hydration score to date of 55.8 …that’s exciting …usually get higher bodyfat readings when I drop to 53 % and overall since I started Keto I’ve dropped from average readings of 21 or 20 percent to about 19 percent more often…so to see it finally hit the 18 percent range is very exciting. My muscle mass reading also hit a high of 42.1 …as long as I see improving readings with a constant hydration reading I will trust the results…whenever I get lower hydration readings I ignore the results and wait till I get a reading when I’m at 55 percent hydration cause that seems to be fairly constant. Doing HIT weightlifting and walk a lot and now am finally able to jog so now I’m incorporating HIIT sprint training on my off days.

    Intermittently fasting has been a great help and I have less cravings for foods on Keto…and zero cravings on Carnivore other than water….preferably soda water….love the fizzzzz lol
    Heck I never get hungry at all…so I just have to make myself eat. I totally respect Mikhaila and her choices on what she eats….ribeyes are generally the best to eat anyways…but I hedge my bets when it comes to micronutrients… I try to get a pound of organ meat once a week….and just basically cycle between beef…salmon…and eggs…however….chicken can be fatty…I got bone in thighs from and when I looked up nutritional values….I was surprised at what I found…and Ghee is a fav for me as well…heard good things about how it can feed your colon lol.

    Well enough rambling…nice video …I’m off now to check out your interview with Mikhaila….to bad she’s already married….she looks awesome….it amazes me how many ridiculous vegans troll her…they just can’t help being jerks lol…probably low on brain building fatty acids 😉

    Not all vegans are bad….but a disturbing amount of them are very critical of other people’s diets despite the obvious beneficial changes those people experienced…and some vegans have converted to Carnivore just for the health benifits they could bever find on vegan…no matter how hard they tried to change things around….if that isn’t proof positive that there is no 1 correct diet for everyone….then I don’t know what is lol

  15. You Suffer from Anxiety and OCD disorder, you need to get a hold of the "Triggers" which can be Many or few and the Stress Value you give them, I can help if you want, Also glad to hear about Carnivore and Weight-loss.

    God Bless,

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