Joe Rogan – Side Effects of Carnivore Diet

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  1. "I'm a vegan.""I just eat keto." Nobody cares the human body has evolved to eat both. Get your micronutrients from the veggies side, get your b12 from the microbacteria in yo meat. Of course their are somethings people are allergic too, in that case just avoid it. What we didn't evolved to eat is crap that is massed produce to make a profit. Sugar that has been refined and the mass amounts. It's a balance that's how our speices has made it so far, eating a variety of things from the earth.

  2. The Key is to take one of those fat burner pills and a big glass of water before you eat, you wont even feel hungry for about 4 hours then eat you little meal, I went from 3 eggs and a steak to half a steak no eggs, the weight is just coming off like crazy about 1 pound a day. I already lost 15 lbs and feel great! Also take a mellow sleeping pill at 1/2 hour before you go to sleep to counter the burner pill, rinse and repeat you will lose weight fast. Go to Stater Brother for buying meat is the cheapest I have found like 3 bucks vs Cost Co at $13.00

  3. I tried the carnivore diet and felt plugged up.  Even eating raw liver and meat I still felt clogged up.  When I was eating a strict vegan vegetable diet I had the best bowled movements.  I love meat but the carnivore and hard core keto I cannot handle.  I think cooked and really lean meats cause the problem.

  4. Carnivore diet is the latest thing to lead people astray. It is just another trend, and too bad some people can't think for themselves. It is also the most unsustainable "diet" (it is actually a DIEt). Meat is still cancer causing, even if some popular people push this sick idea.

  5. broccoli is the ultimate GMO. (i love the stuff) but it is true. The whole thing is tiny flowers. Maybe corn is more modified…dunno. Plants cannot move so they use very advanced chemistry to protect themselves. Most of which we deal with effectively but no telling for sure till ya try eating the stuff. LOTS of toxins involved.

  6. Show me the studies and legit testimonials that carnivore diets have cured cancers from patients, reversed type 2 diabetes, reversed asthma, allergies, coronary disease, osteoarthritis and many others. Please. I'm curious.

  7. news flash. 99.99 percent of plants release unique forms of toxins because PLANTS DONT WANT TO BE EATEN. So they release toxins when they are broken apart, ripped or chopped. The onion is the biggest culprit of them all. Why is it when you cut into an onion your eyes start to water? It's a defense mechanism from the onion because IT DOESNT WANT TO BE EATEN. simple. We are meant to eat meat. We only ate veggies and plants when there was NO FOOD AROUND

  8. Carnivore. It's not bad you do have to take a fiber with it something in your right broccoli asparagus you know that the the good carbs but I'm on Carnivore I have no issues but I also eat salads you know the leafy greens the broccoli cauliflower stuff like that I don't need anything that's been modified but as far as meat goes it's a I guess you'd call it a modified carnivore diet

  9. If broccoli or other healthy foods cause issues it’s usually food sensitivities, that can totally wreck their health and even cause serious autoimmune style arthritis serious depression and all kinds of other serious chronic issues. This explains people getting so healthy only eating meat, as crazy as it sounds. If only one single ingredient food item is added in at a time every 2 weeks after a month or more on the diet, the person will know for sure what’s causing their issues. Food sensitivities have a delayed reaction from anywhere from four hours, to 10 days, and are usually the foods people eat daily or very often, so they are almost impossible to identify wo a full blown elimination diet. The carnivore diet accomplishes this, unless the person has an issue w meat.

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