Why Carnivore is the HEALTHIEST DIET! (What makes a diet healthy?)

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Vitamin functions: https://www.nutri-facts.org/en_US/home.html

Pre conceived notions: https://youtu.be/NmZdcJoMQNM

Vitamin in meat: https://youtu.be/-GUufVNXpzM

Plant vs Animal vitamins: https://youtu.be/c7YUNHugPV8

Sat fat/cholesterol: https://youtu.be/8DT01vwH_AA


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Frank Tufano

23 thoughts on “Why Carnivore is the HEALTHIEST DIET! (What makes a diet healthy?)

  1. You and all your followers will succumb to heart disease – we aren’t designed to eat meat dude. Natural selection will completely remove you like the Neanderthals, if you keep it up.

  2. Make up ? Looks more like jaundice to me ! What was you BUN last blood test ? Not only heart taking a toll but liver is paying the price .
    Stop killing yourself!!! It’s a slow death but it is

  3. Frank, a question slash video idea (mostly a video idea). If someone coming from a vegan ethics / animal rights mindset accepted your nutrition science, and they asked you: how can I eat the least possible animal products and maintain good human health… how would you answer? How would you answer the question, but also how would you explain whatever ethics fallacies are embedded in the question? Seems like it might be a nice opportunity for some 'outreach.' Just a thought!

  4. I really enjoy your videos and no I’m not a pure carnivore. However, I am allergic to a lot of the foods that vegans thrive on. Avocados, bananas, kiwi, cucumber, nuts, lentils, leafy greens (unless their cooked, but why even eat soggy leaves) , etc etc. Mostly eat eggs, full fat dairy, red meat, butter and some white bread and pastas. Never felt better.

  5. That "carnivore diet" trend seems like another fad diet to me, probably made popular because the vegan diet fad is over, now that so many people developed so many health problems because of it. Reducing fruits and vegetables to "carbs" is as stupid as reducing animal products to "fat". There are vitamins and nutrients only presents in plant foods, and we need plant foods for fibers.
    I think a healthy carnivore diet (consisting of quality animal product, not processed meat for example) is healthier than veganism, and a healthy vegan diet is probably healthier than the average processed-food based american diet….. but the healthiest diet is still omnivorous. Isn't that how anthropology qualifies our diet? Omnivorous, animal products and plant based foods. That's the diet that made our grand-parents live up to 100, with no cancer and no strokes. I've noticed that all the elderly people who grew up on farms, or in the countryside, have very good health and longevity. As children, they used to eat fresh eggs, milk, healthy grass-fed meat, seasonal fruits and vegetables, lots of soup, and also bread.

    I agree that there should be a rehabilitation of animal products, because people have been brainwashed to think that animal products, animal fat are not healthy, when they are actually essential to our health…. but saying that fruits and vegetables are not healthy is pure bullshit too.

  6. I am Paleo, and iv discovered, that it should be a mix of both no just one to reap more benifits out if lifes creations, the Plants, Mushrooms and Animals have major benifts. Its all about wheather those sources are contaminated by posions, poisonous fetilizers, Feed, and Water. We need to be more Aware then just being so subjected to just one choice of wheather a deit is right it wrong and looking at the more nitty gritty aspect of whats really doing damage. People are so unaware of the daily things we do to our selfs but i belive if we can actually listen to eachother about opinions rather than fight, we might discover better versions of our selves.

  7. I wanna thank you for helping me become healthier! i eat alot of beef eggs & all types of fish & it helped my mental clarity & wounds healed faster than on a vegan diet, i did do sunbathe & my skin is firmer than before

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