30 DAY CARNIVORE DIET EXPERIMENT | Carnivore “Cheat Day” + Building Muscle Without Carbs (WEEK 4)

30 DAY CARNIVORE DIET EXPERIMENT // Click to read more ↓

Four weeks into our carnivore diet! Here’s how we went.

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Health Coach Kait

29 thoughts on “30 DAY CARNIVORE DIET EXPERIMENT | Carnivore “Cheat Day” + Building Muscle Without Carbs (WEEK 4)

  1. Hi mam. Nice to see your progress. The lack of sleep maybe due to the following factors – High levels of Sodium in the sauce or MSG, Vegetable oil as you said, Modified Starches or poor quality of meat. I have noticed the same things when i used to eat out where they used frozen meat, ketchups, vegetable oils and high sodium. Keep a note of these things as this could be the reason for the psoriatic flare up. Never mind the rare indulgence as long as it we learn from the harm its causing us. Once again thank you and appreciate your nice and honest effort. Cheers to you both

  2. Carnivore advocates have said that you don't go into ketosis on this diet, due to the massive amounts of protein consumed, even if you only eat 1 meal per day. I don't know if that's accurate or not, considering the lack of official research on the topic. Personally, I don't think it matters, so long as the other benefits of carnivore are there.

    As for my own experience on this diet, it's been awesome. I'm only on day 6, but haven't had any headaches, lethargy, weakness, or any other difficulties with the transition. It's almost as if my body was desperately waiting for this diet.

    My bloating started to go away on day 2, sleep improved immediately, energy levels shot through the roof on day 4, and on days 5/6, my mood has begun improving. Last night, I had a late dinner, and about 1 hour after eating, my wife was questioning why I was so energetic. My energy levels have been fluctuating between good and great(great after a meal for a few hours). On days 3 and 4 I had sloppy Joes, without any bread, and felt horrible, until I ate fatty meat.

    I've been eating beef, pork, and deer(with copious amounts of butter, eggs, and whatever else I can add for fat, since deer meat is very lean), and had some chicken wings. Bacon and pork rinds for snacks(I used to need snacks, but that need is quickly fading away), and plan to make some jerky as well, specifically for road trips/camping trips.

    I was drinking alcohol more than I should have, but it makes me feel horrible now, so that's an added benefit. One odd issue has popped up; sometimes, after a meal, I feel full, but also slightly cold. The same thing happened to me on a plant based diet(not vegan), but I felt cold all the time, whereas I feel only slightly cold after a meat meal, and it goes away quickly. I'm wondering if it's a symptom of not enough fat in the meal, since it's only happened twice, and both times were with lean meat. I plan to add more fat, in order to test that theory.

    This was not a dietary change for weight loss, but a change for health. So far I'm blown away. I was expecting to feel terrible for a 1-4 weeks, or wait a month for benefits to present themselves, but this has not been the case. I'm simply in awe.

    Keep up the great videos K8, it's awesome to see others going through/doing the same thing as I am. I will definitely watch your keto videos. By the way, you two look like a very happy couple!

  3. Grear update! If you likes it lots just do high protein, very low carb nutrition. You could do that and tell us about it too. Sounds fun, but I wouldn't hold up 30 days without carbs lol. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well done K8 and Max! Would you do it again and do you think its a sustainable lifestyle if one will go completely carnivore? I have scalp psoriasis and mine improved A LOT when I started keto. Trigger factors for me are stress, nightshades and wine:(

  5. Yeah, the main culprits on that meat platter were the gooey sauce and the batter. In those you could have gluten, sugar, vegetable oils, fake flavorings, colorings, MSG, modified food starch, and all kinds of other stuff that will keep you awake and make you feel funky the next day.
    You said, "I don't know how I'm going to go back to eating other things". Um, who says you have to go back?

  6. Meats and Fats.. yummmm… I wounder how you are going to feel if you keep this up when the doctor cracks you open to sort out your clogged arteries.. lol! haha… how moronic is this diet…lol!

  7. Great video series .. my wife and I started KETO in March … excellent results .. we are going strict Carnivore for a month … probably going to end up KETO/Carnivore .. Jeep up the great work

  8. Was that a crispy cheese encrusted omelet? That looked deliciously amazing. Did you mix the cheese with the eggs, or sprinkle it on after the omelet was mostly cooked and then fry it some more, or something else? I'm going to try that. Thanks.

  9. Hey Kait, awesome vids! Just wondering is a good idea to actually have a carb cheat day every few weeks? I train quiet hard so wondering about my glycogen stores? Thoughts?

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