Carnivore Diet -PURE study, meat and dairy protect against heart disease


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Shawn Baker

20 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet -PURE study, meat and dairy protect against heart disease

  1. Another moronic info full of lies from mr Faker as usual.Only a fool can follow you and damage their health in process same as you did to your self.Too bad that people like you can spread major league BS without consequences!Simply said you are danger to society in general!

  2. Study done by dairy and meat industry,no credible science organization would ever say this enormous lie .Dairy "food' the worst of any food on the planet and meat(dead flesh) is good for nobody and we do not need your daily BS to know the facts!

  3. This is a list of things or bad stuff that is in glass of milk.,135 million of pus cells,bovine growth hormone,feces,51 milligrams of cholesterol,16 grams of fat,acidic protein that leaches calcium from bones.So how this so called food could be good for anybody?

  4. Why talk about studies when you flout all known medical literature and you are diabetic and hyperlipidemic? You should disclose why you lost your medical license and let viewers be the judge.

  5. Done some digging n seen papers . YOUR PURE STUDY WAS FUNDED BY THE HEART N STROKE FOUNDATION N DRUG COMPANIES N THE DAIRY FARMERS OF CANADA. THEY WANT YOU SICK BUB. LOL. They want you to buy there junk. See how the study was TWISTED TOO. See Dr Mcdougall vids on the pure study. Also Mic Low Fat Diets Could Kill You . Pure Study Or Poor Study ? Youtube

  6. From one extreme to another. Both soyboys and meat deepthroater looked fucked. Im all for health and neither side does it for me. Im somewhere in the golden middle. Svringe is slow as fuck, mentally clogged. Meaties are sickly and vegans are deprived. Snap out of it you imbeciles. Processed man-made shit is the true villain. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  7. My uncle has been on the diet for 8 months and recently passed away from a massive heart attack. His arteries were so clogged with fat, there should be a law suit for following promoters of this dangerous diet.

  8. Meat and dairy protect from mental issues as well !you also mention in other video that the reason you shit once a week is that most of it get absorbed in small intestines so the question is,how much you would have to weight after 2 years on your diet,2000 pounds,more?

  9. Epidemiological studies? The ones that you said to ignore? So when they go in your favour they're ok? Seems legit.

    "Unrestricted grants from several pharmaceutical companies (with major contributions from AstraZeneca [Canada], Sanofi-Aventis [France and Canada], Boehringer Ingelheim [Germany and Canada], Servier, and GlaxoSmithKline), and additional contributions from Novartis and King Pharma and from various national or local organisations in participating countries".

    Sounds like a study we should believe. You might want to actually read the study.


  10. I really don't want to leave annoying comments that make an enemy out of Shawn Baker. He gets more of that already than he probably deserves. I can say that if nothing else, he stands up and puts his money where his mouth is. I'd like to see a lot of other doctors showing up in public and taking their own drugs and posting layman's videos about how great they are. But we'll never see that. But we do see this. I also won't say that Shawn Baker doesn't have something to contribute to our knowledge by exploring, contributing and even participating in what he's looking into.

    That said… What if diets rich in vegetables and nutrients turn on and ramp up the immune system? Inflammation is a repair mechanism. Fever is a repair mechanism where the immune system lights the afterburners and how's that feel, eMer'Fers? Doesn't feel good does it? A 104degF fever has an immune system going hypersonic and it feels like total ass from hell. So you're going to take a Tylenol to lower that fever because you don't understand what the hell you're doing. You just want to feel better. Well eat that steak then. You'll feel better. It's not an accident that some people get reactions to incredibly powerful foods. I can mix a heaping teaspoon of Amla powder in an 8oz glass of pomegranate juice and have the fastest largest and even runniest poop I've had all year three hours later. I can pour too much ginger in a smoothie and break out in a rash. Foods can either light that shit up, or slow that shit down. That's probably the explanation for all this anecdotal evidence, correlative/associative studies, etc. People are pleasure seekers by nature. They don't want to suffer. This is reasonable. However it's also responsible for a boatload of different problems, including health problems.

  11. The PURE study had nothing to do with meat. It concluded that total fats, saturated fats and unsaturated fat were associated with lower mortality rates than carbohydrate intake and that "Total fat and saturated and unsaturated fats were not significantly associated with risk of myocardial infarction or cardiovascular disease mortality." They're not distinguishing what food groups these fats come from. So the best you can borrow from the PURE study to sell your new diet is that "Meats have fats too!" It's also misleading to rattle off a lineup of healthy carbs to give the appearance that this study had something to do with meat particularly. I know the vast majority of the truefans won't even look it up, they're too busy believing what they hear. You could have rattled off carbs like "cake, ice cream, donuts, pie, cookies, candy, fruit punch and soft drinks." and only increased the accuracy of your message in this video.

  12. Mr. Shawn. That's not what the article said. I like the carnivore diet but let's be honest about what was published. 🙁 You are not helping the carnivore community or those who have genuine interest in learning.

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