Carnivore Diet: Why would it work? What about Nutrients and Fiber?

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CORRECTION: Shawn Baker has been doing the carnivore diet for about 2 years, not 7. (He started experimenting with low carb paleo about 7 years ago)

This video is a break down of what I thought to be common concerns when it comes to the carnivore diet, recently popularized by Jordan Peterson & His daughter Mikhaila Peterson. Some might call it “extreme” or “dangerous” or “a really bad idea,” but is it? Many people are having several health conditions healed by eating this diet, some are having improvements despite having been doing a paleo diet or keto diet.

People are having relief from arthritis, psoriasis, and various inflammatory conditions, and yes they are experiencing weight loss too.

But what about nutrients? Isn’t a lack of vitamin C going to give them all scurvy? What about constipation due to no fiber? And why would cutting out plants heal people? This is what the video addresses.

Videos in order of appearance:
・Joe Rogan Experience #1139 – Jordan Peterson |
・Thiamin, Carbs, Ketogenic Diets, and Microbes | MWM 2.14 |
・Dr. Paul Mason – ‘From fibre to the microbiome: low carb gut health’ |
・Sulforaphane and Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease & More |
・Maelán Fontes PhD — Food and Western Disease Beyond Nutrients: Antinutrients |
・AHS17 Lost Seasonality and Overconsumption of Plants: Risking Oxalate Toxicity – Sally Norton |

Not shown, but recommended watching:
・ Dr. Georgia Ede – ‘Our Descent into Madness: Modern Diets and the Global Mental Health Crisis’ |
・ KetoCon 2017 Amber O’Hearn The Carnivorous Human |


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41 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet: Why would it work? What about Nutrients and Fiber?

  1. One correction: Shawn Baker has been doing the carnivore diet for about 2 years, *not 7*.

    Re: +Vincent Vendetta on Inuits having higher rates of heart disease, low life expectancy et cetera
    The studies you linked look at modern inuit , making them irrelevant: [pubmed/18457208 pubmed/12535749 pubmed/19800772 pubmed/20548980] For the studies to be relevant, they would need to be looking at Inuit before Westernization, i.e. 1910 or earlier, and maybe much earlier than that. Amber O'Hearn pointed out that as early as 1857, Inuit in Greenland had had Flour and Sugar introduced to their diet.
    [1] The first study looks at at Inuit from 1989-2003
    [2] The second is a study from 2003, what time period the data is coming from is unclear, but it's very unlikely it comes from early 1900's.
    [3] The data is from 2000-2004
    [4] Data is from 2009 or 2010.

    (This is important to clarify, so I've added it to the pinned comment for visibility)

  2. Is not about lost weight,is about what a human body really needs,only need oxygen,prana ,the rest is stimulations like alcohol or tobacco ,don't believe this science bulshit coming from the producers of food or alcohol or tobacco ,OK do not complicate your life ,I run a marathon with ten days fasting ,I didn't lost weight ,you have your weight ,your natural designated weight,the rest is bla bla bla til the vomit,empty words of pseudo science bastards

  3. I cannot digest meat very well… but I think the real secret is in the herbs and spices we use. No grains for sure, very low carbs, organic, healthy fats, some greens, fermented. The animals you eat are mostly vegetarians so in a way, you are an indirect vegetarian even if you eat only meat.

  4. The healing thoughts/believes you have about any type of diet is the cause of it healing you! Not because the one is better then the other. Thats why all those diets win. Its all about you believing that food you consume is healing you. Same as medicene. Dr bruce lipton shows some proof about this perspection. This explains for me why in every diet, people do succeed and fail.

  5. The level of environmental effects of a carnivore diet is not on anyone's mind? And no mention of gmo, steroids and antibiotics in mass produced meats in some countries, and their health effects? The difference of wild, hunting game meats the Inuit eat vs the soy fed omega6 rich beef means a world of difference here. And to feed the growing populations with this kind of diet would mean a massive increase in resource consumption leading to a worsened climate change and economic effects.

  6. please learn meat has free radicals that will directly contribute to cardiovascular diseases ,, also learn that you get 0 antioxidants that'll also help in shortening one's life expectancy

  7. So many people on here keep talking about how expensive meat is and that they can't afford to eat this way. It's not that meat is expensive, it's that we think a 16 oz steak is a serving of meat. It's not. A 4 oz steak is a serving. A lb. of ground beef is $4.99. That's 4 servings of 1/4 lb. hamburgers. Pretty sure that won't break the bank.

  8. The Inuit don't eat quite like that exclusively anymore. Part due to living in permanent settlements, part a pretty hard craving for wonder read and coca cola, and the fact that marine mammal blubber now has toxic levels of dioxins and such

  9. I ate mainly meat last year for most of the year and only once a day this wasn't out of any sort of knowledge of a carnivore diet just from being poor and feeding my kids first and myself last so I'd have like one lamb chop or something like that, I lost 15 kilos and my skin looked awesome, then I started back on the carbs and sugar once things got better financial and I put on about four kilo but I was ok with it, then I gave up smoking and oh my lord I stuffed myself silly and put all the weight back on again LoL, oh well time to start all over again

  10. I think balance is what people need. Your body is the most complex system known in the universe and people are jumping to conclusions too quickly. Eat everything in moderation and avoid foods that are really proven to be bad for your body. (sweets for example, but do not throw them away just avoid them, for example, eat something sweet once in a week).
    My personal diet is something like this: morning oatmeal with milk/eggs with yogurt and bread/tuna with onions and bread. The second meal is the most important to me. I eat chicken, pork, fish, beef with salad(onions, tomato, cabbage, any kind of vegetables are acceptable) and sometimes I eat stew or soup and bread of course. For the third meal, I usually eat the same stuff from the first but sometimes that's a cheat meal for me(I eat pizza or pancakes). Between first and second or second and third eat fruit salad(without toppings).
    I wrote all this because I am pretty skinny and maybe my diet plan will help someone to lose fat. Cheers
    *EDIT: yeah and I eat pork and chicken liver often with yogurt of course. Cook them with onions and you'll get the most tasteful breakfast ever.

  11. I ate nothing but Meats, Cheese, Eggs and Water for 3 Months and lost 80 lbs, but I'll have you know that I was shitting once every five days in rocky pebble forms. My stomach hasn't been the same since.

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