Three Week Carnivore Diet Results

Jordan Peterson mentioned his carnivore diet during his latest podcast with Joe Rogan. His daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, also appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and mentioned a host of benefits. After hearing about the benefits that Dr. Peterson and Mikhaila received from eating nothing but meat, I decided that I had to give the diet a shot. I tested my body fat percentage, weight, strength, cholesterol, and testosterone before and after the diet to determine how the carnivore diet affected me.

The carnivore diet led to significant weight loss while retaining my strength. To learn more and find my full results, check out this blog post:

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25 thoughts on “Three Week Carnivore Diet Results

  1. Three weeks is an interesting time period. Peterson is lying. You didn't experience this because you didn't go long enough, but there's no way you can go 100% meat for much longer without scurvy setting in.

  2. This is super interesting! Thanks for sharing. I had dismissed the carnivore diet (but love keto!) because I really don't have any major health problems, but I would LOVE to be able to sleep only 6 hours a night. I'm an 8-hour girl, and I would love to whittle that down a bit.

  3. Doesn't testosterone fluctuate too much for it to be a reliable indicator? For instance, if you don't orgasm for a day or two, they say your T rises until the 7th day. Which implies it's always fluctuating, not to mention it dropping and spiking depending on levels of arousal.

    Also, do people not know by now that cholesterol does not CAUSE heart disease or increase chances of heart attacks? It's not a reliable biomarker and nothing people need to be scared of. Infact according to David Diamond (doctor who debunked a few industry-funded cholesterol studies) high cholesterol is actually beneficial and linked to longevity in many studies. There's a pretty cool lecture about it here:

    Also, Why Dietary Cholesterol Does Not Matter (for most people)…/dietary-cholesterol-does-not-m…

  4. Your lab numbers are not "results". Their incorrect interpretation is the result and it is… Incorrect. Modern allopathic medicine understands almost nothing. Your LDL levels are a snippet of information in a sea of modern medicine stupidity. Your trust worthy results were how you felt and performed on the diet.

  5. Wow you did such a great job with documenting this experiment. Well done man! Im trying basically the same diet right now. Note that Jordan only ate steak and salt, and you also included eggs, pork etc correct?

  6. The Diet saved my life. Heart Disease 5 years to live. that was 20 years ago. I do cheat its a Expensive diet. But if I start getting Sick I go full meat 1 year and I am healthy again. As for Testosterone I suspect Carbs destroy the effectiveness so you do not need to make as much. As for my cholesterol..
    its high but who cares I am healthy.

  7. Could it be that your testosterone dropped because of the diet the animal was on?
    I mean, I heard lots of things about the huge difference between the quality of beef from natural pasture-fed cows vs typical junk-fed cows.
    What do you think?

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