Joe Rogan – Carnivore Diet Fixed Mikhaila Peterson’s Arthritis

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26 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – Carnivore Diet Fixed Mikhaila Peterson’s Arthritis

  1. I had the same depression/itching/always-tired/can't-sleep problems for a decade, and gradually found a diet which I felt healthy on, and which fortunately has a few more things in it then the Petersons'. However, I also react to the vast array of stink that permeates most commercial products – lots of stores I just can't go into anymore because so much stuff inside is outgassing artificial scents, fungicides, etc. Most people don't notice, I guess, or actually like these things, but I have to feel these things are time bombs for lots of people's immune systems.

  2. Maybe it’s all in the brain. This constant anxiety over what you’re eating. Maybe the same effect that is created by the placebo effect. You reintroduce a food but because you’re apprehensive about it and it carries such weight mentally to do so, that is in turn causing a flare up of symptoms.

  3. Hey Joe first of all love your podcasts. So I remember a podcast you did on carnivore diet well you have done several anyways you were concerned that we don't know the long term effects of this diet, I just watched a pod cast called Kelly Hogan's Zero Carb Diet benefits & success story. This women has been doing it for 9 to 10 years I am not sure if it was 9 or 10 but it was somewhere in that rang, and she did it with all three of her pregnancy's and she gives her lab results during the podcast. Just thought you would like to know because that was my concern we don't know the long term effects because it has not been study.

  4. If you think all vegetables are bad for you then you’re a retard for real. This is another fad diet that will stay on the fringes of society just like veganism. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that show most vegetables are healthy for humans.

  5. Joe: "Nightshades" is a botanical classification of a family of related fruits that we typically think of as vegetables, but they're actually the seed-containing fruit of the plant: tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, tomatillos. Something doesn't have to be sweet to be a fruit, it's the seed-containing body of a plant.

  6. ahhh There's no Closed captions. 🙁 Mikhaila is such an inspiration to me, I was on antibiotics most of my life as a kid and a young adult. Cipro for 10 years destroyed my gut (and my hearing, I'm at 8% speech recognition, both ears, awaiting a cochlear implant). I did great on Keto till my appetite came to a crashing halt and I eventually went carnivore and tried to reintroduce veggies but I just can't. Pain, bloating, SIBO, no energy, etc She has inspired me to trust my (very messed up) gut – and stick with just beef.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Wish I heard about this 3 years ago. Seems like the ultimate elimination diet. I suspect your microbiome is very messed up (ya really scientific) and the carnivore diet prevents these bacteria form messing you up. I’ve tried a lot including vegan, keto, low lectin Gundry diet, and trying to fix my microbiome. None of these totally fixes my osteoarthritis (Gundry diet worked best). Time to try this because I’m desperate.

  8. I have never heard of this. I have irritable bowel deseases and rosacea and i tried everything but finally found out after 10 years of being sick that meat was holding me back. I have not eaten meat in 7 years and barely been sick since… And here is a woman doing the opposite.
    My mom also has arthritis. I told her to try to stop eating meat for a while and it worked for her. We have a lot of science showing how meat causes inflammation so that should always be the first thing to go along with sugar… Anyway this is very interesting to hear.

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