Adjusting to Carnivore Diet (energy, bowel movements) for fitness/diet consulting

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Frank Tufano

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  1. Hey Frank, I cant seem to find raw milk too often where I live and even when it's available, the quality of the cow is suspect. Would you still try it if you can't trust the hygene conditions for it? Is normal pasteurized milk too low in nutrient density to even bother? At least I got raw honey 😛

  2. Hey, the white noise didn't really bother me, but you might be able to fix it by turning off any fans or AC and by not filming near the fridge. In film school we always unplugged the fridge when recording audio in someone's apartment. Just remember to plug it back in!

  3. Buffalo, elk, venison, boar, etc. are other good meats too, but depending where you are can be pretty pricey. I wish I could like lamb, but it tastes too funky to me. I taste the same flavor in goat milk and cheese. It's funny because I'll pass by good deals on pastured goat yogurt and cheese just because I hate the flavor…it's sad.

  4. I saw a comment on another video where someone was asking you to do a video about your disagreements with Aajonis VDP's information. I second this – on the whole I respect him and think he gets a lot right, but I don't agree with his stance on water and salt. I would be curious to hear your disagreements.

  5. Can you do a stomach acid video. Meat is digested in the stomach and most people have poor digesting acids from antibiotics, or other stressors. Can you talk about building up stomach acid for this type of diet.

  6. Just ate lightly fried veal liver foe the first time ever. Very strong flavour was hard to get it down. I found a small weird looking worm in it. Really tiny black worm thing? Is this a parasite? Should i cut that out before cooking?

  7. Thank you for pointing out that you have an adjustment to a change in meats as well besides the adjustment to the carnivore diet. I had not considered that. The crazy experience I have had is the change in time frame of my bowel movements…. When I was on the SAD diet and yes it was very sad…. I would get grumbling in the stomach that I would have a BM in about 6 to 8 hours from now. But on carnivore when I would get the grumbling I would think oh gonna have a BM in 8 hours or so and my gut says: No NOW!…. Crazy change.

  8. Hey Frank, thanks for the video. Quick question, I recently started on the carnivore diet (about 4 days ago). I have felt a spike in energy, but nothing too drastic. I was wondering if you happen to know if the energy folks talk about experiencing while on the carnivore diet is comparable to that of Keto

  9. I've read that the diarrhea is caused by extra bile being produced in response to the greater amount of fat ingested at the beginning of a carnivore diet. So, back off on the fat until your body adjusts.

  10. Hey Frank….I have been losing way too much weight with this way of eating. I’m actually now underweight. What would you recommend for that as I don’t think I can shovel more meat, organs, and fats into my stomach. I easily digest liver but how much is too much?

  11. I'm living on a budget but want to improve my health on this diet. I've bought regular ground beef and molded it into little patties and I eat it alone with salt and pepper. Sometimes I add some cheese on top. My breakfast is usually one egg with some bacon. What are your thoughts on this? Is ground beef ok? I've only been on this diet for 2 weeks… I lost some water weight, had one instance of diarrhea and my long term energy levels are through the roof!

  12. Hey Frank do you still do one meal a day as well? I’m just wondering because I was trying it and man it’s really difficult lol because when I do eat I over eat and then my stomach hurts lol

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