The latest podcast from Joe Rogan featured Mikhaila Peterson, whose SEVERE auto-immune issues led her down a path to ultimately an “all-meat” carnivore diet consisting solely of red meat and salt. The Carnivore diet has been getting more publicity lately and is peaking interest as to why so many people trying this style of dieting are finding the effects to be profoundly positive.

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  1. Quality of ingredients and proper cooking technique (i.e. not overcooking) has to be super important. As an avid grass fed beef consumer myself, I would love to see what happens.

  2. I don’t know, man. It’s a weird deal. I remember when I was still eating tons of meat and dairy I felt like shit and I was at my heaviest. I went vegetarian and saw really solid progress. Dropped weight without really counting calories, slept a little better, joint pain subsided. Then because of social things, people giving me shit for being vegetarian and it being hard to hang with friends, I caved in and started eating meat and dairy again. In that time I gained weight back and started to feel horrible again. So after awhile I decided to go veg again, but this time I wanted to take it a step further and go fully plant based. Did my research and obviously there’s always a learning curve with such a drastic lifestyle change (even now, 3 years later and I’m still learning things) but I feel much better and only hope to keep this going with every new tweak I make. The first year I didn’t work out at all, then the second year I started hitting the gym and dropped 135lbs. Point I’m getting at is ditching that stuff made me feel so much better, and working out did as well. And I’m always up for learning new things, I just can’t get back into that state of mind where I can eat meat. I mean, I see it or smell it and it makes me feel sick. I can only imagine what it would do if I ever considered eating it. Then I learned more about the ethical side and environmental aspects and it solidifies it more for me.

    I don’t know. I’m just carrying on at this point. I just can’t see how in the long term eating that much red meat and ZERO fruits and veggies can be good for you.

    Anyway, best of luck to you dude. I’ll stay tuned to see how you’re doing.

  3. yeeees please try it!!! I think one of the the things i love about you and this channel is that you are really open minded when it comes to nutrition. I follow lot of people for info about work outs nutrition because i love to learn new things so it gets in my nerves when i watch youtubers or people in the fittnes industry bashing others way of eating specially people on the flexible dieting corner they are really defensive when they hear keto low carb high fat, it triggers them bad hahahah I mean what it is so wrong about eating in a different way to what we have aways been told , they are constantly bashing keto yet they are always telling people to fit cookies and gummies sugary stuff in their diets for the sake of mental sanity, according to them if you dont eat sugar or sweet stuff or carbs you must be a miserable human being. What do you think about IIFYM or Flexible dieting?

  4. Hey Swolz; wha brand of bone broth you chuggin'? I'm interested in da broth but there are too many shitty and elite brands of everything from broth with corn oil to grass fed organic blah blah blah.

    Per carnivore, yeah man! Very interested in results from one without auto immune issues (…well, that I know of?)

  5. All meat diet each to their own. I personally don't feel right if I don't have my veggies and cereals. I also have a friend that does very well as vegetarian diet. But I love me some meat

  6. There’s no energy in a friggin salad man!only lectins which the bugs in your gut no likely!we are 99% bugs(bacteria)starve the bad guys,keep the good guys happy with QUALITY MEAT grass fed and grass finished.get stuck into the organ meats and stay away from chicken too harsh on the gut.its all about the gut and creating a happy environment for them.who wants to be a shit host?anyway all the best papa your the man,keep on getting on!big love from Scotland.

  7. The only down side I can see to the carnivore diet is shooting up your iron levels if you eat a lot of red meat and if anyone has hemochromatosis like I do you have to watch how much you eat because your body absorbs more iron out of food so when I start felling fatigue and all my joints and muscle start to ache I have to go get blood pumped out and I'll feel better for a while

  8. TBH this grass fed beef and grain fed beef thing is a 1st world country gimmick. In the majority of the rest of the world there's no such separation. There's just beef, provided beef is even available to purchase in stores. And even if it is it costs arm and leg to buy. In Russia, where I live, beef costs around 7-8$ per 1kg and salaries averaging 500-600$ in big cities and 200-300$ in smaller ones. So for a lot of people out there it's more like an occasional treat, rather than a staple in diet. Which effectively makes it irrelevant whether it's good or not. Sad but true.

  9. I have a co-worker thinking about it. I see us humans as omnivorous, but I do love meat myself. I actually hunt to get a good chunk of it. But if I go without vegetables and salads for a while I feel like something is missing. I grow a garden as well and have some good eats coming from it.

  10. Very interested I've though about it myself I consume roughly 75% meat based diet love it and all my vitals and bloodwork were great docs were surprised cause of my diet and coffee consumption

  11. Would be good to see someone who I have followed for awhile change things up and try total carnivore. But to really see if it's good for me, I would have to try it. When giving blood my iron is always on the high side. Hear of any concerns about to much iron from going all beef?

  12. The thing with only eating meat is that it may work for a while (months maybe even years for some) but eventually your body will start to rot from the inside. As you are not giving your intestines what they need to function properly which will end in your food not being "eliminated" anymore and being "stuck" inside of you.

  13. Ah, you made a video for my birthday.
    I’d be interested in your results. I’ve never tried it. My diet consists of chicken Brest and rice during the day, then eggs and grass fed beef at night with some sweet potatoes, bread product of some sort, and chopped up mushrooms/onions/peppers.
    Lost almost 50 pounds in the last year during my cut.
    But I’d love to see how you feel on that diet

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