Carnivore Diet- my coronary artery scan


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Shawn Baker

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  1. many tests are flawed till you cut arteries opened etc…..See ( Egg n Bacon Doctor Has A Zero Calcium Artery Score? Why It Means Nothing YouTube.) By the way, that guy eats plants too so hes probabally good . Baker, your trying to dismiss bad blood tests. Also many meat eaters who don't work out (like you) are worst than vegans who also DONT work out. Examine all. Many meat eaters who DO work out worst than vegans who don't. ???

  2. A low coronary calcification score or even one of zero does not mean anything since many plaques are not calcified. 50 percent of people age 50 have a ccs of 0. Do you really think that 50 percent of people age 50 have zero plaque buildup in their arteries?

  3. Fool, don’t you get that they’re filming you hoping you’ll die and sell more videos? 130-40 LDL “not ridiculously high”? Oh yes, yes it is. By now you have the coronary calcium scores. I imagine given your marriage to this diet, you will ignore the results if the score is high.

  4. Hi! Great! I live in Germany and I like to watch Galileo. It would be interesting to see how are they going to present results. Will they be bias towards standard "balance diet" bullshit or will they be accurate with facts?

  5. Gojiman did a good video about why this test is bogus. Basically, 50 percent of people who do it get a zero score. There are far more accurate tests available. Why doesn't Dr Faker do these tests? I will let you all figure that one out for yourselves.

  6. This guy is doing same as so called dr .Berg who also is not real doctor.Berg eats bacon and eggs and this stupid test that is no test whatsoever also shows "0".Really,where do people get cholesterol but from animal based diets.Since the plants do not possess cholesterol and have natural calcium they are no culprits.Eating animal based foods with simple carbs is the problem so what is solution,?do not eat crap,meaning animal based !So 56 billion animals die horrible death every year so that people like this so called "doctor" can satisfy his taste buds.Shame!

  7. Interesting to see how the tone of the comments have changed since Shawn started posting. There is a lot more awareness of the benefits of carnivore now and the religious vegans seem to be running out of gas (for arguments, not flatulence).

  8. I'm a newb to carni and greens. I consider myself a walking experiment, in it totally for selfish reasons, with nothing to prove … except how well this whole carni and greens works, on a person who is investing zero effort ( other than cooking meats and eating ). Wish me luck ?

  9. To the religious little cult following here, a serious question: How many animals should we kill a day in America? 25,000,000? 30,000,000? 40,000,000? 50,000,000? Is there no limit?

    If the killing machines are going to kill efficiently enough for everyone to cram meat down their pieholes all day long, they're going to need some help and this time I don't mean free advertising. If you were on your knees sucking it for the meat industry, I don't know how it'd look any different than it does.

  10. Great video Shawn. Like everyone else, looking forward to the results.

    Regarding the microbiome. I fell down that rabbit hole in trying to heal my gut. Probiotics, prebiotics, fibre, fermented foods, supplements, bone broth, etc. It's all b.s. Going carnivore is truly healing my gut.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Did my heart calcium test and got a zero score too, been keto for 2 years now. helped my auto-immune more than anything else any doctor has ever done for me.

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