The Carnivore Diet: 2 Month Review. Pros and Smelly Cons

I’ve been eating the carnivore diet for 2 months now. Some amazing benefits, some smelly cons. Will I continue it long term? Is it still better than a vegan diet? Can it be sustained and is it healthy to keeping eating like this? All the pros and cons so far after 60 days eating nothing but meat, organs, bone broths and a nightmare experiment with raw milk.

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35 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet: 2 Month Review. Pros and Smelly Cons

  1. Make sure your mind of knowing too much doesn’t drive you crazy. I wish you luck with that. I watch you because I am just as over thinking as you and when eating meat I am still hearing Dr. Gregor and Mic the vegan in my head.

  2. Ever try a2 Ghee? supposedly a2 cows are heirloom cows that produce a2 milk, as opposed to a1 milk that has the beta-casein that we're most allergic to. A2 milk apparently has another form of casein that isn't as inflammatory, and was the prominent milk of the two before a gene mutation happened that broke away the two types of cows. Other than that, check out fatworks' website. They sell all sorts of fats from different animals. Also, there's Desert Farms. They sell powdered camel milk (again, supposedly not inflammatory as cow's milk) and they also have camel hump fat, which is great.

  3. If you try nuts just eat no more than two tablespoons of nuts a day, break the two tablespoons into 6 teaspoons, so 6 times a day, if you eat the fat all at once it will not get used, and will go straight to flabby fat on your body.

  4. So let me ask a question. Just out of curiosity. If no one ate meat… any kind of meat and the animal population was allowed to run rampant. Most of which also eat plant based diets. How would you curtail this over population of natural wildlife? We kill most of their natural predators…why? Because we would be food as well. This is one of the only times in human history that we can pick and choose what we will and will not eat. Previously it was whatever for survival purposes. Depending on your geographic region. What would you eat in the winter if you actually had to grow everything without today's technology? In a garden lets say? There's a reason that man has survived all this time and its definitely not because of a vegetable only diet.

  5. Not giving you what I think is THE answer, but have a look at Super Juice me, there is a guy on there with similiar symptoms, he found the cleanse hard but eventually got a lot better with cabbage juice!

  6. I feel stupid for asking this, but…can you try nut oils? Or do those mess your insides up too much? I heard you mention you might try macadamia nuts, that’s why I’m asking since you’re trying to figure out a day to use.

  7. You def need more fat if your not getting enough, it makes a huge difference, as does making sure your eating enough liver and other organ meats. If you are not, you might be reaching a nutrient or mineral deficiency that is concentrated in liver.

  8. You should get a nutri-bullet or Ninja-Blender and make a health-drink every morning. Kale,carrots,cranberries,banana,and fruit-juice,and sometimes also some keifer yogurt drink mixed in. You cant just completely give up plant based nutrition. I also drop in a garlic tablet or two,with the smoothie. I have them emulsified cause one day i had a garlic tablet lodged in the bottom of my mouth,which was a nightmare,and took me over an hour of pouring hot tea on top of the lodged garlic tablet before it melted down enough to where it eventually just popped out by itself.

    I take Vitamin c,vitamin d3,fish-oil,flaxseed oil,multi-vitamin,turmeric,and cinammon sprinkled into my morning smoothie drink. Yeah,when i was alot younger,i remember neglecting veggies and fruits to a dangerously unhealthy degree and probably a good reason why i developed double pnuemonia at 29 years of age. And then bronchitis several times while still in my 30's. At 48 years of age,i never get sick anymore. I still feel quite concerned and mindfull of trying to optimize cardiovascular health. That becomes a chronically mindfull concern once you get well into you're 40's,while one is conscieasely aware of the vulnerabilities of a body nearing 50 years of age.

  9. Bro I have a question. You’ve probably already considered this but… what about your gut microbiome? If you keep changing your diet there’s only so far you’ll get, it will help but if you’ve got a compromised microbiome and you’re not putting the good guys back in (or if you’ve got an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria) then you’re never going to get proper long lasting results.

    What do you think man have you considered probiotic foods? Fermented foods? Fermented drinks?

    Keep going on the journey man. I’m on the UC healing path. I know how fucked and confusing health can get… so… much….information

  10. It's probably the natural sugar that is in the milk. Check out KenDBerry MD. Lots of good stuff. He also had bad allergies and was very over weight before gradually going carnivore. Your body is still healing.

  11. Stress changing your outlook? Brains in a vat. I know i do 10x worse when stressed. I'm looking for the magic pill as well. I think like Cole (snake diet) could be right about eating the raw eggs as a key to help healing the gut. I tried it and did much better. But I just hate it. 🙂

  12. I think lard is healthy. Drink bone broth if you don't already. It's part of the Gaps diet and very good for your gut. The gaps diet only allows fermented vegetables and also meats. If it can heal autistic kids guts, I bet It would help yours. Many autistic kids are in pain all the time from gut health and takes work to heal. They can't tolerate anything except meat and fermented food. Grinding the vegetables up is not as good of a method. My kid had a bleeding gut as a baby and now that my other kid has stopped breastfeeding for a while, he's showing the same issues. I'm only feeding them meat and fermented food now. Yogert as a treat. Other dairy is too risky until we try raw.

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