The Carnivore Diet – My Story

The story of my introduction to the carnivore diet. 🙂

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Written by

David Laurence

41 thoughts on “The Carnivore Diet – My Story

  1. Good stuff, mate. You are great to listen to and admire your courage in doing these vids. Keep at it, sounds like you are tinkering your way through your problems…..and winning!

  2. Hey man. I've just started the carnivore diet as well and I want you to know that you've inspired me. I plan to start a new channel just to follow my journey for anybody interested in following it with me. If this is helping or harming people we need to give people as many sources as possible for anecdotal references. I'll definitely be following your progress closely.

  3. David thanks for posting this. I have only been on the carnivore diet for 2 weeks now. I'm finding one of the major benefits of the diet is elevation of my mood. I'm alert all day. I don't have the carbohydrate peaks and lows. I drink Bullet Proof coffee with coconut oil. The ketones kill the cravings. I've been a heavy coffee drinker for over 30 years. Yesterday I had 1 cup of coffee. Dr. Boz is one of my favorite Doc's to listen to on YouTube.

  4. If coffee gives you trouble, try switching to cream that doesn't have carrageenan in it. It seems to cause trouble for many people. Even healthy people. Most people think that they're drinking pure cream, but most creams have the additive. Even the 'organic' stuff. (That's what tripped me up recently)

  5. You share the same story as me when it comes to mental health minus the night terrors, I would suffer from deep depression and huge anxiety issues.

    I totally get the clarity you talk about, I struggle to describe the feeling to my friends or family. Just feel completely zen with everything!

    RE: Liver, I too have trouble with the taste, I wolf down a big plate of it every fortnight but easy work around is to buy lamb liver! Really mild compared to the other types, lightly fry it and wrap it up in some streaky bacon or eat with bacon lardons. Gives you that bacon beginning and after taste. Also helps to imagine it's Mussels you are eating as its the same taste, to me at least.

    RE: Bone Marrow, grill it for 15 mins, salt (& pepper), then consume in tandem with your burgers or steak – 500g beef mince makes me 3 large burgers. By the first burger I'd have finished the marrow, then get to enjoy the rest!

    RE: Coffee, I was a big coffee fiend myself, cutting it out has helped me a lot. Best advice is to find a replacement, go buy a non caffeinated hot drink such as Three Tea by Pukka. Drink that instead for your hot drink fix.

    Glad to hear you are getting great benefits from the Carnivore WOE! I think you'll stay strong provided your fridge & freezer at home is ONLY stocked with animal products! My vegetarian mother was aghast when I brought home 3.5kg worth of 20% fat beef mince, 20 bone marrows and 10 ribeyes!

  6. I started the carnivore diet and it is fantastic! The first 6 months ive lost 50 pounds and all my numbers dropped. I felt fantastic. Now im at a good weight for my height and my cholesterol and blood pressure have been sky rocketing and my md says i need to stop. BUT WHAT DOES HE KNOW, RIGHT? Now Im two years into it and im vitamin deficient in folate, vitamins C and E, and fiber. I was in the hospital for a few weeks with complications from the disease scurvy. The idiot drs wanted to give me vitamin C. IDIOTS! If its not in meat… I DONT WANT IT! My parents were carnivores for 10 years and NOTHING happened to them up until they both died of colon cancer at the age of 42. CARNIVORE 4 LYFE

  7. oh my dog!!! i'm on day 19 of carnivore, it's friday and this is the first day i have really eaten at all since monday… i'm in PAIN, i feel like my stomach is on fire and i've got hot rocks moving, well not moving at all really, thru my colon… i have not had ONE DAY of 'well being'…. everyone says to stick it out till day 30 and then i will feel better…. do you say that too?

  8. The way I eat liver is I just put in in my mouth without touch I the tongue, take a mouthful of water, and swallow it down like a pill. No taste but 100% of the nutrients. Very easy, no liver taste, like taking a vitamin in the morning.

  9. What a wonderful story!! I am going full carnivore after not seeing a big change with Keto, and as you said, Keto keeps me tempted. I have never succeeded on a diet – I really need this to work!! Thank you, and congratulations!

  10. Common thread among all these stories is the correlation between longterm anti-anxiety/depression meds usage and the devastation it causes to the digestive tract. Only recourse seems to be a highly restrictive carnivore diet (NO CARBS/SUGAR). I just wonder how long a carnivore diet is required to totally heal leaky gut.

  11. My brother EAT MORE FATS. Too much MEATS if not taken out of your system will turn to carbs and kick up some insulin , resulting into more fatscells. No need to eat GRAIN MEATS just eat any meats. Don't worry, meats in general will get you to lose WEIGHT FAST as you have noticed. Get this David in 30 days I lost 26 lbs. I don't know about kilos measurements, I'm sorry. i live in Hawaii! 70% should be beef fat! FATS HELP RELEASE KETOSIS OR TRIGGER KETOSIS MUCH EASIER. FRANK

  12. Dairy ? Focus in on 100 percent RAW milk. Find your "zone", how much to anjoy … doesn't have to be "a lot" … but find your happy place and enjoy the benefits. For example, I use raw milk in my bullet proof broth or coffee.

  13. Robin below is right eat liver, all the nutrients you can imagine. To get the same amount of nutrients if you eat for example SPINACH, The room you made your video. NO JOKE YOU NEED TO EAT THAT MUCH TO GET THE SAME AMOUNT OF NUTRIENTS compared to a small piece of meat.

  14. Great video David. I related to a lot of what you said and have also only been eating the carnivore way, I don't like to call it a diet, a week. My anxiety is almost gone and I have a peace that I haven't experienced in such a long time. Usually going to bed for me produced fear for some reason and now I enjoy going to bed and am at peace. Not having heartburn and bloating anymore is fabulous as well. I started at 235 lbs. I'm down 5 lbs. to 230 and feel great only after a week. I'm getting excited about my future now and starting this new chapter of eating healthy and feeling wonderful has really given me hope. Looking forward to hearing about your progress and any side affects and I will comment mine as well. A doctor who is doing the carnivore way said you may experience flu like symptoms the first 5 to 10 days because your body is switching over to this new way and learning how to digest property after years of carbs abuse. I had these flu like symptoms and was going to stop until I read about it online. I'll try to find that video and post it.
    Here's the link:

  15. This video is a few months old and I see you haven't put out any more videos. I was wondering how you were doing? How's the anxiety and gut issues?

  16. David thankyou. I share your story in many ways. This is my 3rd carnivore day. The mood balance, that feeling of bliss you spoke of? Exactly! Better, more continuous periods of sleep, improved focus at home and work. Everything just seems more balanced. I'm thinking the anxiety, bad dreams etc, is a consequence of the mainly the sugar. We've been drip feeding sugar to ourselves for decades without knowing we were drip feeding agitation, physical, mental and emotional agitation.
    Please do another vid you're really helping me for one

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