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  1. I had the same problem with the food and I alwaya wondering what we should eat.Common man learn how to cook the plants.
    That's why cooking exist to destroy antinutrients.
    Soak the food.
    Food combination and proper preperation is the key to perfect health.
    Use pressure cooker.
    Research how good it is.
    Read how the ancient people prepared the food and you will be perfect.
    Carnivore diet is trash in long term even with fasting.

  2. I feel like there's a little bit of back peddle here from saying plants are trash, but, I don't even give a shit. I love you Cole. I'm putting out good thoughts towards you. Hope everything goes well

  3. I really love how you adapt your diet to new information that you find. Take a look at this https://youtu.be/9M8X_bs_fzI?t=23m13s. What are your thoughts ? She is basically saying that we need homeostasis in our gut biome and that we should add some things like onions, leeks broccoli sprouts, bananas etc. to curb overproduction of putrefying bacteria and balance it with fermenting bacteria in our gut biome. That is if I am understanding what she says correctly. I found you through Shameen and I am down 56 pounds as of today. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Why the FUCK would you treat EVERY plant & fruit you eat like a habanero pepper? You're saying I should treat some BANANA's or GRAPE's like an ONION or GARLIC? You fucking moron, do you know anything? Each plant/ fruit is different and SHOULD be consumed DIFFERENTLY according to VARIOUS factors such as BODY WEIGHT, CALORIC NEEDS, ENERGETIC NEEDS, AYURVEDA BODY TYPES, INTENTION etc.
    Yes, plants CAN be a powerful medicine ACCORDING TO THE SPECIES, YOUR INTENTIONS (*HOW* YOU USE IT), DOSAGES ETC ETC – You CANNOT put all plants & fruits into the same box, that is PURE insanity.

  5. I saw the Joel Rogan interview with Mikaela Peterson, where she was doing her elimination diet before she had discovered the carnivore diet. She reintroduced soy into her diet by eating all the soy for a day and had a massive reaction to it. And I was like, of course you did. Start out with the fermented stuff; a little miso or soy sauce one day and see how you feel. If there are no problems, try a little more, then move onto a small amount of tempeh, then tofu, then edamame.

    The latest I heard Jordan Peterson was growing weary of his diet. Maybe they should try fasting and some sensible reintroductions? Even eating OMAD for several days in a row for a time a while back has resolved my animal dander allergies as long as I don't eat too much junk food/gluten.

  6. I fucking love this man. Hes on the cutting edge of everything it seems like. I've been going HAM trying to study carnivore. One of the big questions i've had is since everyone tolerates meat so well there would be issues with the lack of hormesis. Cuz its otherwise too perfect right? And don't try fucking asking this question in the carnivore/zerocarb groups those guys are as bad as vegans. But wouldn't you fucking know it that cole already has videos up talking about this. You are a true scientist dude. I appreciate the hell out of you. Thank you.

  7. That's a very important and woefully overlooked principle with "dieting"; especially with the mono-diets like the Carnivory diet. The recent "Vegetable Police" video is a clear and important case-study of this. After a while being strictly carnivore, he lost the hormetic benefits of a more varied diet and it caught up with him, and he is back on juicing. More and more, I am coming to the conclusion that the diet must be predominantly meat, and bits and pieces of everything else to keep the physical body resilient and the gut flora geared for every type of incoming food.

  8. Someone should highlight the nitrates in bacon – supposedly super toxic.
    "Uncured" bacon, as in, without the nitrates, is the bacon to buy if you're gonna do this bacon kick.
    Should be called poisoned bacon when they add those nitrates.

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