Joe Rogan – What’s Going on With the Carnivore Diet

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1175:


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29 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – What’s Going on With the Carnivore Diet

  1. If our digestive systems are so versatile as shown in that experiment of Africans and urban dwellers switching diets, why not try carnivore diet for 90 days and see how it goes? If you can obtain long lasting increased energy levels, it could be worth it. If not, just start eating normally again if you want. No harm done

  2. These 2 definitely don't know what they're talking about. You get omega 3s and the vitamins in organs. Carnivore diet is a bad idea without organs. Please do it properly if going for it

  3. we are omnivores for fucks sake.
    eat healthy, eat what you want but in moderation but mostly vegetables and a bit of meat. dont eat too much sugar. dont eat too much saturated fat. dont drink too much booze. dont smoke too much weed…..altho theres no such thing as too much weed in my humble opinion……….dont smoke tobbacco period.
    try not to do too many class a drugs.
    exercise regularily, it doesnt matter how the hell you do it, just do it.
    Have as much sex as you can.
    be as nice a person as you can.
    try not to be a cunt.
    then kimosabi, you should be sweet.

  4. Im on 2 months of strait steak twice a day. I have never felt better….ever. Im 40 and have had pain in my ankles and knees for years, I have ZERO pain period. In the gym I have stopped creatine and my pre workout and am stronger with out it. Energy levels, skin, mental, you name the category and I feel amazing. Maybe Ill get my blood work done at 6 months just to be safe but im quessing its going to be as good as it gets.

  5. I'm no expert either, but any adverse effects from the diet, are probably better than the adverse effects of long term use of prescribed medications that aren't working as advertised. If the concern is lack of nutrients and vitamins, then supplement.

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