Why Does The Carnivore Diet Cause Weight Loss?

In his latest podcast with Joe Rogan, Dr. Jordan Peterson mentioned the weight loss benefits that he received from following a carnivore diet. After listening to their discussion, I tried the carnivore diet for three weeks and lost six and a half pounds and dropped to 8.5% body fat. This is the quickest I lost body fat in my life which had me wondering if the carnivore diet had some unique weight loss advantages or if I simply restricted my calories and did not eat enough to maintain my body weight.

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47 thoughts on “Why Does The Carnivore Diet Cause Weight Loss?

  1. Keto and carnivore for me! Lost weight even after eating huge amounts of calories in fat. Still testing what is going on but there is definately a powerful connection between hormones and weight control.

  2. Without sounding like some kind of conspiracy theorist, if you look into this more the people pushing the calories are all the same nonsense tend to have backing of people making very heavily sugar based foods, for example soft drink manufacturers. There is a huge amount at stake for them and it is pushed as anti-scientific to even suggest otherwise because of the 1st law of thermodynamics. The reality for anyone who has studied the endocrine system is that different macros matter greatly. This video was excellent, I love the fact that you said exactly what you experienced and how you didn't fence sit because of the existing dogma. You'll find thousands of people that have had similar experiences when avoiding sugar laced food but the "experts" will claim it to be just a single antidote.

  3. I suggest you get in touch with a guy who runs the website https://ketogenicendurance.com. I don’t think he has a YouTube channel, but he does have an Instagram as well. He has been eating in the neighborhood of 2500 to 3000 cals/day for a while, and losing ~a pound a day. He has been posting his diary on Instagram. He is ketogenicendurance on IG.

  4. I'm a Biomedical Engineer and, while I don't claim the level of expertise on nutrition of the likes of Rhonda Patrick and the other Joe Rogan guests, maybe I could offer my perspective.

    It's both true that net caloric balance is the main mechanism that drives fat loss/gain and that not all calories have the same physiological effect.
    Since our body must adhere to the first law of thermodynamics, we cannot increase in mass without a caloric surplus and cannot lose mass without a caloric deficit. However, as you found out during your met diet, not all calories are treated the same and therefore not all caloric surpluses are the same.

    I think the main thing that might explain some of your results is the interaction between macronutrients/hormones and the use of long fasting periods.

    The simplified explanation, without writing a whole textbook here: the main thing to know is that carbs have a big influence on the endocrine system, namely, on insulin and consequently leptin and ghrelin. This means that if you eat a carb rich meal, the body is predisposed to use the carbs as fuel and store the other calories (mainly the ones from fats and a bit from protein). One easy way to visualize this is to imagine that on a carb rich diet ALL ingested calories are being put to use, either as fuel or as storage (fat tissue).
    Now this mechanism is not observed with nearly the same intensity on a fat or protein rich diet, so people on keto/atkins all report the same things: greater satiety and fat loss even with a larger caloric intake. Some also report improved cognitive function and energy, especially after meals.

    Also, people on low carb diets tend to have longer fasting periods and that's one of the things that affects hormones also. Have you tracked your meal timing during these experiments? I mean, meal times, snacks between meals and at what time, and fasting hours?

    I appreciate you taking the time to perform these experiments for us. Let me just offer a word of caution on the keto diet. On a low carb diet your body will have trouble with electrolyte retention, so supplementation may be needed, depending on how long you're on the diet and amount of athletic work. Personally, I was hit hard by electrolyte deficiency. Since I'm not willing to supplement, from now on, I will do keto for 2 weeks then consume carbs for 2 days and repeat this cycle.

  5. You could go on bread only diet and lose more than that,how little people know about nutrition is amazing!You will lose weight on any same food group diet but it should not be only concern,main concern should be"is it healthy" and carnivore and animal based foods are dangerous to your health,eatig dead corpse is good for nobody!

  6. I recently learnt about this myself, long story short after doing it for a while i feel alot free-er around food, I used to be what i believe, addicted to sugar, and had alot of unnecessary cravings that had nothing to do with hunger. Currently with avoiding carbs and sugar my mood seems noticeably more stable even in difficult situations, and I feel free knowing i can eat as much as I want (which doesn't last long as the fat and protein seems to be extremely satiating mentally and physically). But as mentioned I'm unsure about the long term consequences of avoiding things like fruit because in my experience they we're very good for the immune system and I rarely got sick. But lets see : )

  7. Do you think theres a chance that the reason that you start eating less when you keep eating the same foods is because your body becomes more efficient at turning said food into energy? Makes me think carnivore diet is specialising your body so it gets more efficient at turning meat into energy than if you keep on throwing all sorts of things at it.

  8. Nicely done by the way SHREDucated, it's great you tracked the calories to show it wasn't just a restriction of calories that caused fat loss etc. I've always hated this "net calorie" theory as though it doesn't matter what or when you eat. It's ridiculous.

    As if I have 2000 calories of sugar first thing in the morning it's the same thing as eating healthy fats and protein throughout the day? Also, the earth is flat.

  9. Having done extensive viewings of web, videos and studies I believe the statement " there are no longer term data" is not accurate. There a numerous people been on keto type diets or carnivore diets for 10 years and over and I think if folks look you will see these benefits and greater health outcomes are there even after that extended period. Nutritional qualified bodies and people one have been trained to believe that plants are essential but would not have jobs if the answer was proven to be " eat fat ,meat and include exercise and your health will be great". The data is building and calling on the folks that are 5, 10 and greater years into this type of eating would show the facts that to me have become obvious if one looks wide enough.

  10. The thing is, you can eat all you want on a carnivore diet, but you won't want to. Gherlin will stop you. I eat a lot and I'm miserable for several hours. I've learned I can eat a lot of meat in one meal and be so full that I swear I'm never going to eat again. Carnivore, especially when you add the high fat, sasiates like nothing I've ever seen. There is absolutely no way to be fat if you do a carnivore zero carb diet. I lost over 160 pounds and still losing. I eat all I want and sometimes I eat roo much and become miserable. But I still lose weight.
    I guess I will find my ideal weight soon enough.

  11. I have a theory that it is a combination of three major factors. An increased base metabolic rate due to more lean muscle, a huge loss of water retention due to lack of carbohydrates and some extra energy expended by the body to digest meat, perform gluconeogenisis and convert fat into ketones. In short, a carnivore diet makes the human body less water retentive and less energy efficient. Which is great for people who struggle with being overweight, but bad news for someone like me who is trying to gain weight.

  12. This is awesome, it is working! I eat as much as I want and I have more muscle than ever before. Carnivore Diet is the best diet I have ever seen. I plan to stay longer and if possible for ever on this path.

  13. can't ignore the change in insulin response from eating meat and a higher fat content…simple as that. Stop spiking the shit out of your insulin levels by removing carbs and you force your body to burn fat instead of carbs.

  14. She says "there's no data, there's no data…" but what about the Inuit and Maasai? "Oh, they occasionally eat berries" … Yeah sure, but we KNOW that 90-98% of their calories are M-E-A-T. I dont prettend to know everything but as a man that was nearly 450lbs 6 months ago and is now under 400lbs, i have my evidence. I'm never hungry, when no matter what the fuck i did with ristricting calories i couldn't loose weight. Unless i went to under 1000 calories a day, and then after i month my metabolism would crash and it would stop. So, my results proved that at least, MY physiology is geared for meat, and it's what i continue to thrive on, feeling better every day

  15. Protein caters for muscles and organs, fats feed the cells. Carbs are simply energy waiting to be used and storing as fat if you don't use it. So yes on a carnivore/keto diet you will improve body composition because the calories you consume are being used instead of being stored as fat.

  16. Hi my theory on this has to do with bile and hyperinsulemia.See the thing is I start to gain weight on carnivore ad libitum and also my skin dries out.Two things I never see mentioned by carnivores.When I go back to keto my skin starts to improve and weightloss begins again

  17. you eat more fat so there is no need to store excess fat,as long as you don't mess your metabolism and gut health with carbs,plus high energy levels all the time and no blood sugar fluctuations contribute very much

  18. Great video, I too don't agree with those who say that it is all about calories in and calories out. It does't work once one reaches a certain age. Story about me, before going to graduate school I was 195 to 200 pounds, and I was 31 years old. I was a little chubby, but not horribly obese. I've always been struggling with my weight and in order to get to 190 I had to workout hard on the stairmaster, up to 4 days a week and for 1 hour each session . While in grad school, March 2013 to April 2015, I was stress eating over the weekends and I wasn't focusing on going to the gym or eating for my health. My weight shoot up to 269 pounds!! I graduated really obese at 6'0 269 pounds, and to be honest I was feeling bad about myself and how I looked. Of course, getting an MAT in education and about to start a new career was a happy part that year, 2015. I began my teaching career at 269 pounds at 33 years old around August 2015. I decided to try the same old stairmaster routine along with hitting weights 3 days a week after work, with stairmaster 3 days a week too. This routine should've worked, right? It worked in the past and I integrated weights this time around, and in my 20's it worked and I expected this routine to work in my 30's, and I was eating a gluten-free low fat diet too. I was eating way better than I did when I got to 195 lbs in my late 20's, it should've worked right?. WRONG! Skip to April 2017, and my weight was still the same, my mid section was at 47", and I still looked like the day I graduated from grad school on May 2015 at 33 years old, a few months away from turning 35. I've worked my ass off for 2 years! and saw nothing. –– I was so angry at myself, that I decided to research online and learned about ketogenic, KETO. Honestly, I knew of keto since 2012, but in the past I never really fully committed to it. I was under the impression that just eating "gluten-free" was enough, since it was low fat. SO! I never tried it…. back to April 2017, I was so disappointed in myself, I had worked my ass off for 2 years and felt like giving up. I decided around April 2017 to commit myself to KETO and just give up all carbs the next day. I had nothing to loose, and felt defeated. Then, I dropped 15 pounds in 3 weeks…I was amazed, and hooked from there on. I began to reduce my workout loads to 3 to 4 days a week, with 3 dates of weights and 1 date of stairmaster cardio. I kept with KETO and put my faith in it. As the months went by I began to shrink, by December 2017 I was at 230 pounds. Continue to 2018, and by June 2018 I was 209 pounds. Skip to right now, and I am at 190 pounds. Not only that, but I am the thinnest I've ever been in my life, with a mid section of 35 inches. I've never been this body frame or measurement, not even in my 20's, or when I reached 190 pounds before graduate school. Where I am now, I've never experienced this, I've never seen myself in this body type in my adult life! it has been incredible. The thing that gets me is that food wise, I am eating lots of meat, eggs, cheese, and fats way more than when I was in my 20's. I am eating way more calories, compared to even when I used to eat a "healthy" gluten-free/ low fat diet. In addition, I am working out way less, compared to when I used to get out of the gym all tired after a hard stairmaster workout. Based on the calories in vs calories out theory and every weight loss specialist and scientific research "paper," I shouldn't be where I am body frame and weight wise. BUT I AM! friends, family members, and coworkers still believe that odds are I am eating way "less" or that I am eating "lots of vegetables." I am not, if they only knew how much I eat, and how "bad" and "unhealthy" the foods look too. They would be terrified of what I really eat, and wouldn't believe what I eat every day. They probably would think that I am doing the "two finger diet" and throwing up all that food after. Which is ridiculous, cause I love to eat. (^_^) and find doing a thing like that very horrible, as a foodie myself. One last thing, my GF is overweight herself, when I began KETO I invited her to join me in my journey and that we would support each other. Her reply? "NO! that's going to get you sick! you do it, and I will do it my way." She follow the classic vegetarian low-fat diet, let's just say that she is still overweight, same body shape and frame, and she tends to get easily tired, sick, and has aches all over her body from time to time. As her family members keep telling me how "great" I look and asking me question about my "transformation" ? My GF still doesn't ask me for help or to give her support and resources. She is still following the same "low fat" American "healthy" diet, and she is still not seeing results. (--) That gets me mad at her, because I am in front of her and I am willing to help her get to her body goals and weight goals. Yet! my "way" is "unhealthy" ?? while she is always tired and aching, I am always full of energy and no aches whatsoever. I am sore from time to time, but that is the good kind of soreness from my workout routine. LOL ( sorry for the long story)

  19. Great Channel and approach to diets.

    I have been a Carnivore for about 4 months and have lost almost 60 pounds while feeling great! No Cravings, no gout flare-ups, no gastrointestinal issues, no gas, Lots of energy, and many other benefits.

    I don't see me stopping any time soon.

  20. dr. rhonda "this 80s hair" patrick is bitter because of all her BS vids on unhealthy cruciferous… I wonder, how many people got kidney stones drinking her green smoothie?

  21. The need for gluconeogenesis on a zero or low carb state is what keeps insulin and fat storage low.
    Carnivore diet which eliminates carbs will have a bigger rise in glucagon and with carnitine, allow for greater fat lose, while maintaining enough muscle mass due to BCAA in meat. So the insulin will be involved in muscle protein synthesis and not in fat storage, due to the higher glucagon levels when carbs are not around. Red meat is best for ketosis and fat lose.
    Dr. Benjamin Bikman explains it so well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3fO5aTD6JU&t=15s

  22. I don't think i will ever understand how burning a food tells you how much "energy" the body uses over the multiple hours that it takes to digest that

  23. Last week I took an obese family member to a local hospital and sat in the lobby of the hospital waiting for her. The entire time in the lobby, the majority of people, young and old, were overweight. It hit home that my change to keto and then, carnivore was the correct thing to do in my life. Since May 6, 2018, I have dropped 22 pounds and will drop another 5 in the next months.

  24. I’ve been on the carnivore diet for six months. I eat to hunger. I don’t count calories or restrict in any way. I’ve lost 33lbs. On the days where I haven’t quite eaten enough (not extreme hunger, just maybe going to bed feeling peckish), I gain/maintain weight overnight. When I eat enough or more than enough, I lose weight overnight. Every time!

  25. I increased my meat intake especially beef and my hunger has dropped significantly. I had a bacon burger with two patties with cheese and bacon. And 2 small cups of coffee with heavy cream through the day. Along with some mozzarella cheese sticks for a snack and was good all day.

  26. If you were not already on a keto/low carb diet, you dropped water weight Initially. You would have to doa longer trail to see if you are losing weight in a surplus.

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