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Written by

Frank Tufano

28 thoughts on “Supplements on the Carnivore Diet

  1. the problem with the diet we're brought on is that it forms our taste; i was never fed liver or other organ meats, and when i learned about their benefits a couple of years ago, i tried making liver (fresh, organic chicken liver i think it was) and i nearly puked from the smell of it, so i had to go out of the house for a couple of hours (!) and my dad who was fed liver as a child gobbled down the dish and called it superb

  2. Thank you for talking about rancid cod liver oil. I took Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend for two years and couldn't understand why after I took it, my throat burned for couple hours. It got worse over time. My ankles started swelling. Dr couldn't figure out why. My health in general got worse, not better. Since I quit taking Green Pasture pills over six months now, I have no more throat problems and ankle swelling is minimal, have more energy, and feel better overall.

  3. Dr Ron Schmidt had heart failure, not a heart attack. He specifically says his arteries were clear. What he has is CARDIOMYOPATHY, which can be caused by a variety of reasons. Lean healthy people can get this from viral infections, for example. Athletes can get this.

    So, no, PUFA did not cause his heart attack, and PUFA phobia is a low carb/keto/WAPF myth and misunderstanding.

    PUFA has metabolic advantages, like inducing ketogenic-like beneficial fat metabolism changes OUTSIDE of ketosis. PUFA induces UCP1 which is the mechanism of action of greater calorie waste in ketosis, as well as mitochondrial growth. PUFA overfeeding vs SFA overfeeding generally results in less metabolic consequences, int erms of both weight gain and glucose metabolism, than SFA for this reason.

    Many people dont know this, but ketoadaption results in a beneficial elevation of PUFA in the brain, where these fatty acids generate more energy (astrocytes convert PUFA to ketones) and protect the brain from excitotoxicity, as PUFA block excitatory ion channels.

    I dont recommend swilling lots of PUFA because most PUFA oils are refined energy, but if you have some canola oil on your salad (I know you're against greens too, lol) … it's not the end of the world. Studies have been done and PUFA is more ketogenic than other fats, outside of MCTs, because of their favorable metabolic profile.

  4. What’s the difference between cod liver and grass fed beef liver? Also, why do you need these supplements when you’re probably getting ample amounts of everything from a carnivore diet? And isn’t seaweed non-carnivore? I’m only about 10 days in and eating just grass fed ground beef, raw cheddar cheese and pasture eggs so kinda a noob but love your channel and content! Thanks!

  5. do you think that bio availability is directly related to solubility because everyone says that calcium carbonate (a type of limestone) is not bio available and I remember last year I did a chemistry lab with calcium carbonate and its solubility and I can't remember if it was technically soluble or not but I remember that only a tiny tiny amount of it could dissolve into water. Ok yeah google says that it is technically insoluble but I think in my class we discover that it barely kinda dissolve.

  6. I tried my first can of cod liver today. Holy crap is it good! Hunger is the best sauce… I think I'll break fasts with this stuff every time. It's basically perfect nutrition in one ingredient. 

    What do you think, less risk of fat oxidization in the canned livers vs the oil supplements?

    My cats are going to think they died and went to heaven when I give them some of the leftover oil mixed in with their next meal tomorrow.

  7. If I were to buy the Athelas Neutraceuticals Cod Liver pills from your amazon shop (on a budget) how much should I be taking a day? I heard 10k IU for Vitamin A is toxic, and 1 pill has 2644 IU.

    Do we also need to supplement Vitamin E? Don’t really have access to organ meats/grass fed beef.

    Keep the videos coming Frank, your doing a great job!

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