YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE CHANGE! | Carnivore Diet Results

These are my carnivore diet results. After only eating meat for a month I experience significant differences and benefits. BTW sorry for how loud the music is. I didn’t realize until after the video was uploaded.


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14 thoughts on “YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE CHANGE! | Carnivore Diet Results

  1. I have an issue with that… from a concious percepcion, do you feel that eating meat its right? Im not saying this with any judgement behind, but im vegan because literally my body feels sick when i see a piece of meat or an egg… i literally can feel the suffering there.. ❤️❤️

  2. Wouldn't it take longer than a month to potentially heal your auto-immune disease? So maybe if you gave it more time the carnivore diet could heal it. I think you need to give it a solid 3 months on it at least for optimum results.

  3. Great video and just what I needed to hear today. I'm on day 6 and my energy is on the floor. I did 30 days in September 2018 and felt great. Hoping to get the feeling back again soon.

  4. If you enjoy the video please subscribe! I guarantee you will find something of value on my channel! If you want to improve your health and enjoyment of life along with finding your true nature you have come to the right spot 🙂

  5. Hey, I've been thinking about giving carnivore diet a go… Mainly as an experiment just to how it goes. Need to watch some recipes first. Did you stick to lean meats? Or have plenty of animal fat?

  6. This is not a short term "diet" this is a life style. I am not saying only meat, but mostly. For sure charb restricted indefinitely. Veggies, ok. Fruit , mostly berries.

  7. Most vegans are city people detached from any sense of how living on the nature is. My people are from a small Island in mediteranean. When there were no stores before you would be mallnourished and starving not eating animal foods. And it is so unlogic. Surrounded by all that sea, goats and sheep, chicken. I mean what would I eat? Chickpeas all the time? Like I did yesterday and now I am farting all day.

  8. I like your slam man I have one just so I can hit it and pretend like it's people that I don't like.
    BTW! Carbs make me fat but there's one exception sweet potatoes mixed with lots of organic plain full-fat yogurt I eat 2 tubs of it a day I lost 11 pounds in 3 days just adding that to my diet I eat five pounds of potatoes a day and then on the 5th day I'm down 16 pounds it takes every bit of bloating and digestion issues away at least for me anyway.

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