Carnivore Diet Outcome: Does It Work?


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Written by

Paul Saladino, MD

36 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet Outcome: Does It Work?

  1. Very encouraging video Sir. Just started a somewhat carnivore eating diet 5 days ago, meaning I still eat some good vegetables. I'm getting over a bad flu for over three weeks now and my body is going through "the change" with this diet. Some of the flu symptoms came back, but aren't bad and I expect them to go away soon, like you said in the video. Thank you for the tips on what else to eat to fill the gaps of what exactly the body needs for optimal performance and health.

  2. The carnivore diet will pretty sure increase your risk of dying prematurely. It lacks fiber. It will increase your LDL which will increase your risk of CVD. It lacks vitamin C (unless you eat raw organs). You will eat a lot of hormones not intended for your body. Think before you buy in on the latest dietary fad.

  3. you say you eat 1-1 . 300g meat 300g fat but then you say you eat 3lbs of meat a day that's 1360g so which one is it. 3lbs a day or 350g a day ??? confused . not a dig honestly. I've done carnivor for 6 months but haven't seen much change from still type 2 diabetic and have bad osteoarthritis

  4. So happy to have found you! Ok, I have dieted since 8 and I’m 50 years old now, so I’ve tried every kind of diet advice over the last 42 years. I have done much research over this time, self educating on what is best. I am a RN of 30 years, too so I absolutely appreciate how you describe the biochemistry and what we need and why.
    My questions are these:
    What is your source of collagen? I currently have Perfect Keto Collagen powder (from grass fed bovine) with stevia…safe or no?
    I take extremely filtered omega 3 fish oil and krill oil, is this ok if trying to limit mercury from fish?
    Is Himalayan Pink Salt enough iodine?
    Electrolytes-should we supplement with a multivitamin, or a calcium/magnesium/bit D like I have been?
    Why are avocados not recommended? As a mature woman not yet in peri menopause and not willing to take any conventional or synthetic drugs, I eat avocados to help regulate hormones, fat source, fiber, and potassium.
    Last one-MCT oil or coconut oil is my other fat source I can add. Does the fat source have to be tallow? We give MCT oil to premature infants to enhance brain growth and I know MCT’s are being studied with how it slow or stops the “diabetic affect” of a decrease in glucose uptake in the brain which may be what causes brain tissue to die leading to dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.
    thanks so much for adding to the conversation in a science-fact based way!!

  5. Love your energy man, I'll see that subscriber count go up. I'm happy to see physicians like yourself trying out this lifestyle choice in the sake of your patients. Mad respect.

  6. Thank you! I have been on keto the last 3 months and I am thinking of trying carnivore. Dr. Berg maintains that vegis are crucial to keep the liver clean and avoid fatty liver. Other doctors promote carnivore. Could you say something about this? It is a little confusing with such differing information. ;O)

  7. this is a bit confusing: are you talking about grams of protein in weight terms? because in Europe its all grams—but then none of this makes any sense. because you are eating 3 pounds of meat per day? thats like 1500 grams?? om…very confused

  8. I am confused about iodine/iodide. What is the difference? You said that the Redmonds had trace amounts of iodine, but right on the front of the bag it claims it does not contain any iodide. Is that the same thing?

  9. I just discovered your channel. I also just started following you on Instagram. Awesome info! I REALLY am looking forward to your future posts. I'm so glad you are doing the bloodwork. This will be the evidence needed to prove the naysayers wrong. I hope this carnivore trend grows. Admittedly, I have not tried it yet but I look forward to trying it.

  10. too funny! I am a 60 yr-old ex-power-lifter and was doing this diet at the age of 14 – 16 yrs-old. Nothing new under the sun! I was 325lbs at peak-weight….all my work-out buddies are unfortunately in ground (rip). I have NOT eaten meat…ie. death-flesh in over 15 years, feel better than ever before. This seems more like of an industry pushing to convince the ignorant (true-meaning) to be followers of those that follow other followers. Just like all the come-go-fads, this too will be the same….after the flies start to drop! So it is your contention that you have to slaughter a muscle-bound "plant-fed" beast of 800 – 1800 lbs and suck on its life-juices to sustain your 165lb tiny-muscled body….okie-dokie! I know! I know!….we are different beings. The progression of early hunter hue-mans (meat-eaters) to the advanced beings we are to date (sarcasm) was from being able stay put and farm plants…ie. wheat/ grains…ie. civilization! With life experience, one gets wisdom plus the viewing of the full circling of many fads – nothing is new! Folks are looking for sunlight in a haze of intoxication but will not question those corporations/ governments doing it even though many are on video talking about population reduction….its just "conspiracy". Even with the use of all the big fancy words used here to convince the followers of followers….I'll remain knowing what I know plus my conscious is free.

  11. thanks for sharing real science proven information about healthy eating to improving people's lives health, and wellbeing,!!!. much misinformation out there based on the $money and the expense of one's health, and wellbeing,.so very sad.

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