A Low Carbs Diet is Hazardous to Your Health For Ten Reasons

Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation. Health is rarely a gift but an achievement related to lifestyle. A car runs best on a recommended fuel and so too does our amazing human machine.

The following list describes the results of a diet rich in animal protein and devoid of complex carbohydrates derived from the plant kingdom or in other words a low carbohydrate high protein diet.

10 reasons a Low Carbs Diet is Hazardous to Your Health:

  1. Heart Disease Risk – large amounts of animal protein raises LDL cholesterol.
  2. Cancer Risk Increased – many cancers are promoted/thrive on a low plant-based diet.
  3. Weight Control loss – initial weight lowers from reduced caloric intake which lowers overall nutrient intake triggering the tendency to binge on empty fast foods.
  4. Athletic Performance Reduced – known since the 1930’s, high-carbohydrate diets enhance physical endurance, e.g. cheetahs must catch their prey (a vegetarian) soon into the chase.
  5. Blood Pressure Increase – on high protein diet raises salt intake cutting important nutrients which work to lower B.P.
  6. Gout Incidence Caused – by excessive uric acid production from high purines through animal diet.
  7. Kidney Stones – the development of both uric acid and calcium oxalate stones are more likely on a high protein diet.
  8. Osteoporosis – excess protein stimulates the loss of calcium through urination.
  9. Orthostatic Hypotension – a body deprived of carbohydrates develops a condition of rapid blood pressure drop from lying to standing through low electrolyte levels and reduced sympathetic nervous system activity giving the sense of dizziness and/or fainting.
  10. Ketosis – unhealthful state recognized by keto-breath condition described as cross between nail polish remover and over-ripe pineapple from low carbohydrate diet.

The best way to have Permanent Weight Lossis three fold.

  1. Increase dietary intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
  2. Eliminate calorie-dense refined carbohydrate fast foods high in processed fats and sugars.
  3. Integrate a regular, consistent and enjoyable exercise program. It should build-up the body not break it down. Remember, walking is THE best exercise.

Thanks to:

Dr. J. Kenny, PhD, RD, FACN Nutrition Research Specialist Pritikin Longevity Center

Source by Rick Cottrell

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